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University of Victoria - Canada

International Summer Institute for Business Management (6 places available)

University of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

- £1,200 bursary

Modules: Business Communications and International Business, Entrepreneurship and Service Management


Dates: 3 – 27 July 2020 (4 week session); OR 3-23 August 2020 (3 week session)

Anticipated costs:

  • Programme Fees & Accommodation (includes meal plan: approx. £1,300 (after deducting £1,200 bursary and negotiated discounted fees from full £2,940 fee)
  • Flights to Vancouver: £500-£700
  • Medical insurance
  • Potential visa
  • Spending money
  • Transport to and on Vancouver Island

Funding support of £1,200 per student paid as a bursary to the student. Fee will be payable by the student directly to the University of Victoria.

Please note, if you apply directly to the University of Victoria for a place on the IBISM rather than through this bursary application process, you will not be eligible for any discounted fees or bursary. Those who are successful in applying for this bursary shall be provided with instructions on how to apply to ensure they receive this funding and discounted fees.

University of Victoria, Canada

Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

Applications closed

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