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Ensuite On-Campus Accommodation Subsidy

Student accomodations in Warwick University (Bluebell)

You may face additional expenses due to your need for en-suite accommodation. On this page, you'll find information about the En-suite On-Campus Accommodation Subsidy we provide, including eligibility criteria, application details, and an application form.

It's important to note that you can only apply for the subsidy after completing your Term 1 enrolment.

Students having fun at Warwick accommodation


All undergraduate and postgraduate students (either Home or EU and International) are eligible to apply as long as their requirement for en-suite on-campus accommodation is disability-related, based on a set of criteria. Students who have resident carers on campus for personal care assistance will be able to apply for the subsidy for their en-suite room, as well as any en-suite carer accommodation.

Students will only be eligible if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. a requirement for en-suite on-campus accommodation as a result of a physical disability, i.e., mobility difficulty/wheelchair user, where specific accessibility requirements prevent the student from sharing bathroom facilities with others.
  2. a requirement for en-suite on-campus accommodation as a result of a sensory disability, e.g., blind/visual conditions, D/Deaf, that prevents the student from sharing bathroom facilities because others may impact on the accessibility or usability of the shared space.
  3. a requirement for en-suite on-campus accommodation as a result of an unseen condition such as a mental health disability, ASD or a medical condition that prevents the student from using shared bathroom facilities without a substantial impact on their wellbeing and ability to carry out self-care activities.
  4. exceptional cases where a requirement for en-suite accommodation is considered appropriate by Wellbeing and Student Support staff, based on independent evidence of ongoing difficulties that substantially impact on the student’s ability to use shared bathroom facilities.

You can apply at any stage during the academic year

Please note we do not accept retrospective applications or back date payments for previous academic years.

When applying for En-suite On-Campus Accommodation Subsidy, you will be asked to provide medical evidence that explicitly references the requirement for an en-suite on disability grounds and outlines the reasons for it.

Students who are supported for on-campus en-suite accommodation will not be automatically eligible for the subsidy and will still be required to apply with the relevant evidence.

Applications close on 1st June each year but you can apply through Term 1, 2 and 3. These will be considered through the course of the academic year and you will be notified through the Wellbeing PortalLink opens in a new window:

  • if successful the subsidy will be awarded pro rata to the length of your accommodation contract for that particular room in that academic year.
  • if you have been unsuccessful in your application and you have additional supporting evidence that has not been previously considered you can reapply for the subsidy.

The subsidy is calculated based on the difference between a standard room with shared facilities on campus and a standard room with en-suite facilities. This doesn't mean the cheapest and more expensive blocks; the subsidy is only a contribution towards en-suite costs.

Please note that for certain blocks, such as Claycroft, that are not en-suite blocks as such but only offer a small number of en-suite accessible rooms, the subsidy is calculated based on a comparable shared facilities block.

Some other aspects to consider:

  • the subsidy is awarded termly, and it is credited on your account post application.
  • if you move into en-suite on-campus accommodation later in the year, the subsidy will be awarded pro rata to the number of weeks you have been occupying the en-suite room.
  • if you are experiencing any financial hardship due to the retrospective nature of the subsidy, and are unable to cover your accommodation fees whilst you are applying for the subsidy, you are encouraged to contact the Disability Team, who can liaise with Student Finance to discuss how to best support you.

Your privacy matters

The information and evidence submitted during the application stage will only be used for the purposes of the subsidy and will be treated confidentially.

The En-suite On-Campus Accommodation Subsidy process and policy operate in line with the University's Student Feedback and Complaints ProcedureLink opens in a new window.