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Masterclass - Managing exams and deadlines

Managing exams and deadlines

This masterclass provides you with a snapshot of strategies and tips that you can use to manage stress and anxiety during challenging and busy times, such as leading up to deadlines or exams. The aim of the session is to offer an understanding of how stress in these challenging times may impact you, and to provide a snapshot of practical tools and techniques you can use to help manage the pressure in preparing for exams and deadlines. If you would like to learn more about this, come and join the masterclass where the strategies and tips you learn can better equip you in future periods of pressure or you can explore the topic in your own time with our masterclass video.

You are not expected or required to share any information you are not comfortable with sharing in the group. You can share as much or as little as you like

How to take part

You will join the session through Microsoft Teams, which means you will be able to see who else is taking part. You are not expected to share any personal details, but others may, and you are expected to treat the session as a confidential space.

The sessions will not be recorded, and you are not allowed to record them yourself.

Online face to face sessions

Join us for a face to face session on Microsoft Teams at 4.30pm.

Please register using the form below.

Privacy notice

The data collected on this form is used for the sole purpose of administering the masterclass session in Wellbeing Support Services and helping us to monitor our delivery.

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