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Lifelong Learning Entitlement workshop

The Lifelong Learning Entitlement: Opportunities and Challenges

Monday 5 February 2024, 1:30-3.30pm, Dr Mary Mahoney, Physical Sciences Building PS1.28


Dr Mary Mahoney, is the former director of access and lifelong learning at the University of Wolverhampton. She is now a Freelance Lifelong Learning Consultant and Trustee and Secretary of the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL). She will be presenting an overview of the Government’s new funding regime for higher and further education, the Lifelong Learning Entitlement (LLE) and an analysis of the, as yet, unresolved challenges embedded within it.

The LLE, due to be introduced from 2025, represents the single biggest change to the higher education system for decades. It is a core outcome of the Augar Report, released in 2019 seeks to create transformation of both the funding regime for post-18 learners and the ways learners can access study. However it is little-known or understood within the sector as yet. Following the presentation there will be chance to ask questions and explore key areas for consideration for Warwick University. Further information on the LLE can be found here:

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