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CLL 50th Anniversary event


Past, Present and Future of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning at Warwick and in the UK

  The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) organised an event to celebrate 30 years of adult education and lifelong learning at Warwick during the University’s 50th celebrations. This roundtable discussion reflected upon the changing nature of university adult education and lifelong learning over the past three decades as well considering what the future holds for universities across the UK.

Anniversary discussion 

The programme was as follows:

Welcome and introduction

Dr Fergus Mckay, Director and Dr Barbara Merrill, Associate Professor (Reader), Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick

 The establishment of the Department of Continuing Education at Warwick

Professor Michael Shattock (Chair) previously Registrar at the University of Warwick from 1983 until1999 and now a Visiting Professor in the Department of Lifelong Learning and Comparative Education at the UCL Institute of Education. He has published widely in higher education.

Key developments in the history of the Department of Continuing Education and the Centre for Lifelong Learning

Professor John Field, University of Stirling and Honorary Professor, CLL, Warwick. Professor Field initially worked as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Continuing Education (now CLL) at Warwick. He returned a few years later to become a Professor of Lifelong Learning and Head of Department. He has published extensively on lifelong learning.

 The story of the 2+2 and part-time degrees

Dr Peter Byrd, Associate Fellow, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick. Peter was previously Director of Part-time and 2+2 Degrees in the Department of Continuing Education.

 What has happened to continuing education nationally in universities

Dr Russell Moseley, Associate Fellow, CLL, University of Warwick. Dr Moseley retired from CLL, University of Warwick in 2010 after twenty two years. In 2002 he became the Director of the Centre. He contributed to the development of degree programmes and Open Studies for local adult students.

 Present issues and looking to the future

Professor Christina Hughes, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning and a member of the Sociology Department. Previously she worked in the Department of Continuing Education at Warwick.

 Open to discussion and audience participation

Open dicussion 30th years of Lifelong Learning Past, present and future The story of 2+2 and part-time Degrees

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