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Dr Sarah Cousins explores students’ anxiety of mathematical learning

Dr Sarah Cousins, Director of Academic Studies and Early Years Programmes at the Centre for Lifelong Learning featured in a piece in the inTUITION, the journal for professional teachers and trainers in the further education and training sector. Their Autumn Edition (Issue 33) published Sarah’s piece ‘The Big Idea’ where she shared research insights into overcoming students’ anxiety over mathematical learning.
The piece firstly shares an overview of the degree programmes offered at the Centre, including CLL’s partnership with FE colleges, highlighting the gap in qualifications leaners hold in necessary qualifications such as Maths and English and how Warwick has worked to help offer support to gain these whilst they study with us. However, the subject quickly moves to the research surrounding mathematical anxiety and how this can be overcome by changing learner’s perceptions on the subject.
“It is sometimes believed that people either have or haven’t got a maths brain (fixed mindset, Dweck, 2015). But the research found it was possible to acquire mathematical resilience.”