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Seven Inspiring Tips for CLL students - No.3

Recently, the Centre for Lifelong Learning Team caught up with Taiwo Ogunrinde, former student of the Gateway to HE course who then progressed to a degree and is currently studying her second year of the full-time Social Studies Degree. She shares with us her seven tips for mature students and her inspiring journey to education.

Tip Three: Give it your all, don’t hold back, there has got be to compromise, leave life behind to concentrate on it.

Starting the Gateway to HE course in 2016, the mum of two joined the free course whilst pregnant with her third child.

“I had my baby 5 weeks after my Gateway exam. But I was determined to get a good result and I achieved a First.”
When her baby was 3 months old, she returned back to the books, starting her undergraduate degree at the University. Juggling the school run, family life and studying, Taiwo sings the praises of her supportive family and husband.

“On the days I didn’t feel like going to University, he was the one who was pushing me out the door – telling me to pick myself up and go. He has been very supportive and helpful with the kids. I am very lucky.”
Taiwo’s eldest who is now 8, is also inspired by his mother’s educational journey and has decided he wants to pursue study at University himself.
“I occasionally take my children to campus with me just to have an experience, so they are familiar with Warwick. My eldest has worked out how many years it will take him to complete a degree, masters and PhD study. He wants to be a professor.”

If you're considering joining us on our free Gateway to HE course this November, you can find out more on our course page.