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Seven Inspiring Tips for CLL students - No.6

Recently, the Centre for Lifelong Learning Team caught up with Taiwo Ogunrinde, former student of the Gateway to HE course who then progressed to a degree and is currently studying her second year of the full-time Social Studies Degree. She shares with us her seven tips for mature students and her inspiring journey to education.

Tip Six: All your hard work will pay off eventually

Taiwo’s time at Warwick has been an eventful journey so far. Juggling family life and welcoming a new child into the world is a lot to take on whilst also returning to fulltime study. However, her determination and motivation to study at Warwick and achieve her degree has helped her balance her commitments and push herself further.

“I’m enjoying studying the degree.” She says. “I do everything I can with essays and help my family.”

At home, she balances family life with late night library sessions, putting the kids to bed and then heading out to the library.

“At home I am a mum; in the library, I am a student. I separate the two.”

Taiwo believes that being a mature student has helped her appreciate how far she has come and how hard she has had to work to achieve what she has. This has impacted her outlook on studying and making the most out of her time at Warwick. She hopes to achieve very good grades in her degree.

“Coming from my background, I am aware of what I’ve achieved, what I have gained, and it pushes me more to not only maintain what I have, but also continuously progress further.”