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Seven Inspiring Tips for CLL students - No.2

Recently, the Centre for Lifelong Learning Team caught up with Taiwo Ogunrinde, former student of the Gateway to HE course who then progressed to a degree and is currently studying her second year of the full-time Social Studies Degree. Here she shares with us the first of her seven tips for mature students:

Tip Two: Do what you have a passion for and let it speak for you.

“As mature student, we have a lot on.” Taiwo advises, “Don’t pick something labouring. If you study something you are passionate about, it won’t feel like studying. Let that be your voice and lead you.” Now entering her second year, Taiwo has majored in Health and Social Policy and has started to consider her future after finishing her degree. “When I finished Gateway, I knew I could carry on to do a degree. Now seeing my results from my first year, I am starting to think I could go further.”

“I would probably specialise in the research side of health.”

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