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A message to our graduates from Head of Department Professor Ruth Hewston

Today is the day for us to say Congratulations to all our students.

Graduations are a way to mark the end of your course and celebrate all that you have achieved. To achieve a degree takes hard work and commitment in the easiest of times, but today we also celebrate that this achievement has happened in the face of the most challenging global circumstances. To have completed your studies shows the determination and hard work that you have put in over the course of the past few years. Alongside this you have undoubtedly balanced work, family commitments and personal challenges, but have continued to work hard towards your goal. These qualities will serve you very well as you take steps into the next phase of your lives.

My tutors and I are inspired by you, knowing how hard you have worked and the commitment you have shown. I’m sure there have been many weekends and late evenings where you have been reading, working on assignments, and preparing presentations, after a busy day at work or looking after family members. You have enriched our Centre community and other students will have greatly valued your encouragement, discussions, and the experience you have shared in class.

I know during your studies you would have championed and supported your fellow students, for which you should feel very proud. Many of the friendships you have made on your course will continue beyond your award. Graduations are also a time to welcome family and friends to celebrate with you. I would encourage you to share your journey with those close to you, colleagues in places where you work, friends or at the school gate. There will be many people around you who see you as role models, showing what you are truly capable of and making them consider whether they could also achieve what you have achieved. As you continue forward beyond your graduation, I encourage you to continue supporting others as a role model and mentor to those around you. You have a strong voice which will give others the confidence to take those steps towards achieving their degree and career goals.

You should feel incredibly proud of yourselves, I know my colleagues and I are very proud of you. Your degree recognises your hard work and commitment; the knowledge and skills you have achieved will serve you very well as you move forward in your personal and professional lives, and we wish you the best of luck - Congratulations.

Ruth smiling in front of the camera

Professor Ruth Hewston

Head of Department

Wed 13 Jul 2022, 10:03 | Tags: CLL Graduation