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Charlotte Stacey

Studying Early Childhood has opened up so many opportunities for me

Charlotte Stacey, FdA & BA(Hons) Early Childhood

I was encouraged to do the course by the setting that I had completed my apprenticeship at. They encouraged me to take my qualification further to better myself in my career.

I’ve enjoyed learning all the different topics and being able to pass it on to the people I work with. All the subjects are relevant within an Early Years setting and have really helped me to better myself as a practitioner.

During the course of the degree, I had a mental breakdown and nearly dropped out completely. If it wasn’t for the support of the tutors and being able to take a year out to get my mental health back on track, I wouldn’t have ever been in a position to graduate.

The course has taught me so much academically, as well as helping me to discover my own abilities (mentally and academically).


Charlotte celebrating her graduation from FdA Early Childhood

Because of this course I am one step closer to my dream job, the course has opened so many doors and I'm currently a deputy manager of a nursery. I've also decided to continue on for another year to do my BA(Hons). Which a few years ago wasn't even a thought in my mind.

One piece of advice I'd give to current students, is to communicate with your tutors when you are struggling either with the work or your own mental health. They are there to help you and if it wasn't for the constant support, I would not be graduating this year as well as hopefully next year.