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Maura Marray-Reeve

How did I graduate with a First? Learning just became so enjoyable once I adapted to it

Maura Marray-Reeve, BA(Hons) Early Childhood

How did you decide to do the course?

I was looking at both the BA (Hons) in Early Childhood, at Warwick, and an Occupational Therapy degree, at Coventry University. I decided to enrol at the University of Warwick as the degree course was part-time and I thought that it would fit nicely around family life.

What did you enjoy the most from your degree?

I have enjoyed so much about the Early Childhood degree course - the lessons were always informative and well delivered; the teaching staff are great and very knowledgeable; I met some lovely people; and the students all supported one another. This degree course is so engaging and I have learned so much during my time at Warwick.

Maura in her graduation gown

Maura graduated in 2022

What did you find the most challenging, and how did you overcome them to finish your degree?

The most challenging thing for me was definitely getting my head around academic writing. It was so different to anything that I had done before. However, I also really enjoyed it and with each assignment I found that my academic writing improved. Also, another challenge was when the COVID pandemic struck, and we moved to online lessons and studying from home. This was something that I found very difficult, to start with. However, I adapted to this change and in the final year I actually found the online lessons and working from home much easier.

Looking back, what you think you have gained the most from your study?

I have gained so much from this course. Obviously, I am way more knowledgeable about child development and the early years. Also, my confidence has increased, and I feel ready to make a career change and start working with children. Additionally, I have learned lots of skills in terms of academic writing and referencing. Furthermore, this degree course has motivated me to continue with my studies, as I find it very rewarding when an assignment finally comes together. Overall, it has been a very enjoyable 4 years.

What are you doing now that you have graduated (ie. Career, personal plans, further studies)? Has your study supported that?

Now that I have graduated, I plan to start the Primary PGCE and become a primary school teacher. I definitely feel that the Early Childhood degree has given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue a career in teaching.

If there is one piece of advice you’d give to current students at CLL, what would it be?

The advice that I would give is - enjoy it! Studying with CLL is such a great experience. Yes, achieving a degree is hard work and you have to put in the time and effort if you want to do well. But it is so worth it. I’m delighted to be graduating with a First, and, for me, it was well worth all the late nights, long hours and hard work that I put in.