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CE 955 Career, Vocation and Calling

Module lead: Gill Frigerio


This module enables participants to develop knowledge and understanding of classic and contemporary perspectives on career, vocation and calling and to integrate and apply these perspectives with career development and coaching in a variety of contexts and practices.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Identify and describe a range of perspectives on vocation, calling and career development.
  • Critically evaluate and interpret the knowledge listed above in at least two contexts.
  • Creatively apply and integrate the knowledge listed above in relation to career development and coaching practices.
  • Present material in clear written form by identifying, analysing and applying key texts and practices using appropriate and adequate structure, spelling, grammar, syntax, length and referencing.

Outline syllabus

  • Articulation of participants' prior knowledge and experience of vocation and calling in relation to career development.
  • Comparing contrasting definitions and cultural representations of vocation and calling in relation to career development.
  • Critically understanding contemporary and classic perspectives on career, vocation and calling (e.g. Parsons, Weber, Jung, Savickas, Cochran, Hillman, Bloch & Richmond, Lips-Wiersma).
  • Ethics and values in relation to career, vocation and calling.
  • Use of the above to analyse and interpret case studies in a career development and coaching context.

Summary of teaching

30 hours of blended learning consisting of workshops with further materials provided via a virtual learning environment supported by a module reading pack and tutorial support.

Module timing and duration

Usually, this module runs once a year.


The assignment consists of a 5,000 word project (100%).

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