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CE956 Research in Professional Practice

Module leader: Tania Lyden


To develop understanding of research methods necessary to complete a small-scale research project related to professional practice including literature review, research questions, research strategy, sources, evaluative framework, reflexivity, and dissemination.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:  

  • Demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding of a range of topics relevant to research including context, literature review, epistemology, ontology, research questions, research strategy, sources, evaluative framework, ethics, reflexivity, positionality, and dissemination.

  • Critically evaluate and interpret appropriately selected literature and sources.

  • Creatively integrate and apply the knowledge listed above in the negotiation and design of a small-scale research project.

  • Present material in clear written form by identifying, analysing and applying key texts and practices using appropriate style, structure, spelling, grammar, syntax, length, and referencing.

Outline syllabus

  • Consideration of participants’ prior research experience and contexts.

  • Developing initial ideas and rationale.

  • Comparing and contrasting examples of research relevant to field / subject.

  • Conducting a critical and evaluative literature review.

  • Constructing research questions.

  • Developing epistemological and ontological stance.

  • Designing a research strategy and identifying sources.

  • Considering ethics and values in relation to research.

  • Considering reflexivity and positionality.

  • Designing a dissemination plan.

  • Evaluating the research process.

Summary of teaching
Research workshop, VLE-based distance learning, and online module reading.

Summative assessment
The assignment consists of a 5000 word project (100%).

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