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Modules and Key Dates

The current dates available for CDCS, CEIGHE and Coaching modules are listed below. These should help give you an idea of when modules run but if you would like to discuss this further, please contact us.

We strongly advise students to make appropriate arrangements for in-person teaching, including travel, accommodation, and related financial arrangements.


Full-time students will have two 2hr classes per week, date, and time subject to timetabling. Over the autumn term, these classes will cover the first two core modules, CE951 (career development theories) and CE952 (career coaching, previously career coaching, and counselling) with the classes supported by online material made available via learning. Over the spring term weeks 1-5, these classes will cover the final core module, CE956 (Research in Professional Practice). These classes will then continue to cover additional material to aid student progress including professional skills and dissertation support.

Full-time classes are mostly 11:00-13:00.
Module code Module name Dates Venue
/ Mandatory Course Induction Week 2 – 6 October 2023 (10:00-16:00)

2 Oct: R1.04, Ramphal Building

3 Oct: OC1.08, Oculus Building

4 Oct: R1.03, Ramphal Building

5 Oct: OC1.07, Oculus Building

6 Oct: WCE0.9b, Centre for Lifelong Learning, Westwood campus


Career Development Theories

Term one Mondays TBC
CE952 Career Coaching Term one Thursdays TBC

Research in Professional Practice

Term two Mondays week 1-5 TBC

Labour Market Information and Employability

Term two Mondays week 6-10 TBC
CE953 Career-related Learning Term two Wednesdays TBC

Research in Professional Practice

Term two Thursdays week 1-5 TBC
CE954 Labour Market Information and Employability Term two Thursdays week6-10 TBC
CE955 Career, Vocation and Calling Term three Mondays (moving to Tues on BHs) TBC
CE944 Careers in Organisations Term three Wednesdays TBC

Dissertation sessions

Term three Thursday TBC

CDCS 2022/23

Module title

Module Start Date


Assignment Due Date Venue

Induction Day (October starters only)

N/A In-Person

Term 1


CE951 Career Development Theories

3 October 2022

Mondays 3 October – 5 December 2022

Week 11

w/c 12 December 2022


CE952 Career Coaching

3 October 2022

Thursdays 6 October –8 December 2022

Week 15

w/c 9 January 2023


Term 2


CE956 Research in Professional Practice

9 January 2023

Mondays and Thursdays 9 January – 9 February 2023

Week 22

w/c 27 Feb 2023


CE953 Career Related Learning

9 January 2023

Thursdays12 January 2023 – 16 March 2023

Week 25

w/c 20 March 2023


CE944 Careers in Organisations

9 January 2023

Tuesdays 10 January – 14 March 2023

Week 27

w/c 3 April 2023


CE954 Employability and Labour Markets

13 February 2023

Mondays and Thursdays 13 February – 16 March 2023

Week 30

w/c 24 April 2023


Term 3


Induction Day (April Starters only)

27 April 2023 N/A In-Person

CE955 Career, Vocation and Calling

24 April 2023

Mondays 24 April – 26 June 2023

Week 43

w/c 24 July 2023


CE941 Dissertation

24 April 2023

Thursdays 27 April – 29 June 2023

Week 50

w/c 11 September 2023