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Finance information

Financing your studies (2+2 full-time, undergraduate)

We know that financing your studies can be a big concern. However, there is often a lot of support available, both from the University and Student Finance England.

The information below details what support you might be entitled to and we have outlined some funding scenarios for prospective students


Did you know that if your household income is below £35,000 you might be entitled to a Warwick bursary?

Find out more here.

Hardship fund

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, Warwick may be able to provide some additional support towards your living costs.

Take a look here

Emergency loan

If you find yourself in immediate financial difficulty, Warwick can provide you with a short-term, interest-free loan of up to £250.

Discover more here

Grants for dependants

If you have children or an adult who is financially dependent on you, you might be entitled to some help from Student Finance.

Learn more here

Tuition fees and maintenance loans

You can apply for Student Finance now, regardless of whether you have applied for a course. If you apply and decide not to go to university, you can just cancel your Student Finance.

Useful links

Maintenance and Tuition Fee Loans

Student Finance England

If you need help with budgeting or have any other questions, contact the student funding team.




What funding might I be entitled to?

We've put together some scenarios to show the different finance options available to students from October 2022.

Funding scenarios


How do repayments work?

Once you have left university you will start repaying your Student Loan, but only if you are earning over the repayment threshold (£26,575 from April 2020)

Repayment examples