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Short Courses

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Gateway to Higher Education

Our FREE part-time Gateway to HE offers you the chance to see if study is for you. The course is designed to fit around work and family commitments, whilst developing your skills, knowledge and confidence. Successful completion of the course guarantees a place on our FdA Early Childhood or BA Social Studies.

Certificate in Coaching Practice

This level 4 certificate, will provide you with a strong foundation, covering all of the fundamental skills of coaching. You will learn the theory and practice the skills to enable you to confidently start your coach development journey.

Certificate in Coaching Practice *online*

This online level 4 certificate will help you in your first steps in coaching and will help you to unlock your own potential and the potential of others, all from the comfort of your preferred location.


There are a variety of short courses available for mindfulness depending on your experience of mindfulness and the style of learning you prefer. Please find the range of courses on offer below.

Mindfulness for everyday living *online*

Cultivating mindfulness *online*

Introduction to counselling

The 10 week course will allow you to compare the person-centred approach to counselling to the psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural models. You will also have the opportunity to engage in the reflective process both as an individual and as a member of the group.