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CLL - Student Staff Liaison Committee

Who are the CLL SSLC members?

The table below provides details of who the SSLC members are for each course within CLL. You can contact any of the the course reps if you have a topic you wish discussing with the committee, they will raise it as an item on the agenda and provide any feedback after the meeting has been held.

Careers & Coaching
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Early Years - Warwick
Early Years - NWSLC
Social Studies
Academic Convenor
Tania Lyden TBC Cathryn Macleod TBC TBC Steven Gascoigne

Denise Linay

TBC TBC TBC TBC Graham Ricketts

Jo Keddy

Committee Members

Xiawen Ge

Celia Lam

Edwin Marr

Leticia Bittencourt Azevedo Gundle





Catherine Sharman

Sarah Freeman

Chelsea Jackson

Rosalia Mweya

Kemi Carew

What is the SSLC?

SSLCs (Student Staff Liaison Committees) are committees made up of elected student representatives and members of staff. Each committee includes a Chair (student Course rep), Secretary (student Course rep) and fellow committee members. There is at least one rep per year group per course.

What do the SSLC's do?

They provide an accessible forum for discussions covering issues connected to teaching, learning, student support and any other topics that may have been raised by fellow students. They also provide an opportunity for the department to consult with students and receive feedback on new proposals. The SSLC should always be consulted on any major changes to course structures or content.

SSLC's should not consider matters relating to named members of staff or students, nor are they the place for students to air their personal grievances.

Do SSLC's Work?


  • Any action points created during the meeting are raised with the appropriate teams or discussed at departmental committees. Reports written by SSLC's are also reviewed at departmental committees and any actions or results leading from this are shared at the next SSLC meeting.
  • Additionally the SU Faculty Representatives discuss any wider issues within their Faculty committees, and the SU Education and Postgraduate Officers write summary reports that are considered by a number of University committees.
  • If there are any common issues raised by a number of SSLCs, the University discusses appropriate action to address this.

SSLC's can therefore be very effective in helping to resolve issues not just within the Department but across Faculties and even the University as a whole.

Contacting the Committee

If you feel you have an issue that needs raising you can discuss this with one of your course reps who can request it is added to the agenda for the next SSLC meeting.

The next SSLC meetings will take place: