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Dr Phil McCash - Cultural Learning Theory


Dr Phil McCash focuses on the theoretical basis for career development work and sets out a case for an integrative cultural learning theory of career development. The distinctive basis of this theoretical perspective is explained, and the five facets of cultural learning theory are described, namely: learning relationships, learning contents, learning processes, learning contexts, and personal myth. In order to inform career development work, these facets are combined in the form of a cultural learning alliance. The formation and agreement of the alliance are described in detail in relation to the initial, middle, and end phases of interactions. Further practical innovations include seven techniques for supporting client learning, including a cultural influences collage, career management styles card sort, and golden threads activity. Implications for the training and development of practitioners are discussed in relation to reflexivity and assessment.

This chapter appears in the Oxford Handbook of Career Development published by Oxford University Press.

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Dr Phil McCash is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick. Phil teaches on the Centre’s postgraduate courses in career development work and provides supervision on the PhD programme.

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