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The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) supports research and scholarship related to the broad field of lifelong learning. We interpret learning as taking place throughout our lives from birth through childhood and adulthood to the end of life. It includes lifewide learning across our many different social roles and spaces undergirded by appropriate social supports. Learning is also lifedeep and extends to learning in the particular socio-cultural contexts that give rise to our distinctive values, beliefs, and identities.

We welcome a very wide range of life experience in CLL and support creative and well-crafted research and scholarship projects with potential for individual, social, and/or cultural transformation. Our research and scholarship are organised in terms of four interconnected themes: concepts; people-focused professions; wellbeing and identity; participation and collaboration. We seek to enthuse staff, students, and the wider community with this vision.


Current staff research


Current PhD student research


1. Concepts of Lifelong Learning


2. People-focused Professions and Lifelong Learning


4. Participation, Collaboration, and Lifelong Learning


3. Wellbeing Identity and Lifelong Learning