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Seminar series

Please find below the list of upcoming and previous seminars from the CLL Joint Staff and Student Seminar Programme.

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Exploring Experiences of Counselling and Transitions in Later Life

An ongoing practitioner narrative inquiry which aims to make a positive difference to the psychological wellbeing of adults over 65.

The recent ‘coronavirus’ pandemic has dramatically brought into sharp focus the oppressed and threatened position of diverse older people in society globally:

“Ageism is deeply damaging, yet all too often it isn’t taken as seriously as other forms of prejudice or discrimination. Britain is long overdue a fundamental culture shift to overturn these attitudes, and the media needs to reflect the diverse experience of people in later life”. (Dr Anna Dixon MBE, Centre for Ageing Better, 2020. p.1)

From a human rights and social justice perspective my multi-disciplinary research contributes to the now urgent ‘fundamental culture shift’ advocated by the Centre for Ageing Better. I am investigating existing unequal power relationships within UK society, exposing potential injustice and human rights abuse, and promoting anti-oppressive counselling practice (Proctor, 2017), which respects individual differences and values diversity amongst older people. There is also a pressing need to fill the existing knowledge gap in the field of psychotherapy research that investigates recognising diversity and working with difference, particularly in counselling people in later life.

My presentation will focus on my justification for choosing a 'critical narrative inquiry' research methodology, consulting service users aged 65 upwards about their experiences of later life transition and their individual perceptions about value of counselling. I will also tentatively describe my finding so far from primary and secondary sources.

Centre for Ageing Better. (2020) Doddery but dear? Examining age-related stereotypes. London: Ageing Better Ltd.

Proctor (2017) The dynamics of power in counselling and psychotherapy: Ethics, politics and practice. (2nd edition) Monmouth: PCCS Books.


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