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There are several ways to fund your postgraduate studies at Warwick. When applying, please select the method of funding you intend to use to fund the majority of your course fees.

The various categories are explained below:

  • Self-funded: you will pay your fees yourself.
  • Employer: your employer will pay your fees.
  • Family: your family will pay your fees.
  • Scholarship/ studentship: please list any funding awards for which you have applied and/or been awarded.
  • N/A: please select this option if you do not know how you will fund your course.

Postgraduate Research Scholarship Applications

If you select Scholarship or Studentship as your funding source you will be asked if you wish to apply for a Postgraduate Research Scholarship at Warwick. By selecting yes you will be given the opportunity to complete some extra fields for your application to be considered for a scholarship.

Please note that this application form is also used for applications for the following scholarships, available to applicants for PhD study only. You are able to apply for:

  • Chancellor's International Scholarships
  • Wolfson Doctoral Awards
  • CADRE Scholarships
  • WMS Scholarships

Please see the Graduate School website for more information on these scholarships and the application process.

This application form is not currently used for any other scholarships or funding and the information provided will not necessarily be shared with or available for any other scholarship or funding applications.