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Supporting Information

Academic Interests and Purpose of Study/Personal Statement

Please use this space to briefly describe your special academic interests, and your purpose and objective in undertaking graduate study.

If you are applying for a taught course you should consider the following questions:

  • Why did you choose this programme?
  • What knowledge and experience do you have that make you a suitable candidate for the course?
  • How will this course help you to achieve your future academic and/or professional goals?

If you are applying for a research course you may complete this field with details of your research proposal or attach this information as a document. Each academic department will have different requirements for this section of the form; please consult the relevant departmental entry on the Research Proposal webpage.

The upload facility on the online application form is intended for your personal statement/purpose of study (or research proposal if you are applying for research) only and is provided as an alternative to typing the information into the box provided on the form (you do not need to do both). It is not intended for you to upload your other supporting documents. When your application is processed you will be sent an acknowledgement email containing a link to upload additional documents.