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Diabetes Care - iheed (PGDip/MSc) (2024 Entry)


Explore our Diabetes Care taught course.

This course champions Interprofessional Education (IPE). IPE aims to enhance the ability of healthcare professionals from different disciplines to work together effectively, improving the quality of patient care.

Course overview

International Diabetes Federation's (IDF) influential Atlas of Diabetes predicts that the number of people living with diabetes in the world will have risen from its current figure of approximately 537 million to 783 million people by 2045. New clinical knowledge and therapeutic treatments are constantly being developed and there is increasing demand from practicing clinicians wishing to further educate themselves and their teams in this rapidly moving field.

The University of Warwick is a globally renowned centre of excellence in diabetes education. This wholly online programme, offered in partnership with the online medical organisation iheed, provides a route for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Allied Healthcare professionals to enhance their current skills, knowledge and confidence in the care of patients living with Diabetes.

Designed specifically to cater for busy healthcare professionals, this programme will provide learners with the ability to critique the latest evidence underpinning diabetes care and empower them to transfer that knowledge into meaningful change in their professional practice.

This programme is designed to be relevant to both a UK and international audience and focusses on the factors influencing diabetes care across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

By the end of the Programme, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of all aspects of diabetes care
  • Be confident in the diagnosis, treatment, management and care of people with diabetes
  • Evaluate the role of structured care in the management diabetes in primary care, including disease register and routine recall
  • Assess the importance of early diagnosis, intensive management and stepwise intensification in order to prevent complications
  • Evaluate the role of established and newer agents in the control of glucose and cardiovascular risk factors
  • Manage complicated diabetes cases, recognise the limitations of primary care and when referral is advisable
  • Demonstrate improved confidence in modern collaborative decision-making with diabetes patients
  • Apply the principles of patient-centred care and problem-solving skills in the context of diabetes care
  • Demonstrate enhanced knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and management of type 2 diabetes in primary care
  • Demonstrate self-direction and originality in the design and delivery of an effective research project which synthesises current thinking in the field of diabetes care and presents new insights.

General entry requirements

Minimum requirements

  • Hold a 2:2 honours degree in a discipline related to Medical Education from a recognised institution
  • Must be engaged in clinical education and be able to apply the learnings of the programme in a real-life setting.

English language requirements

You can find out more about our English language requirementsLink opens in a new window. This course requires the following:

  • Band A

International qualifications

We welcome applications from students with other internationally recognised qualifications.

For more information, please visit the international entry requirements pageLink opens in a new window.

Additional requirements

There are no additional entry requirements for this course.

Core modules

Postgraduate Diploma

Core Modules

  • Core Principles of Diabetes
  • Self-Management of Diabetes
  • Treatment of Diabetes
  • Microvascular Complications of Diabetes
  • Macrovascular Complications of Diabetes
  • Diabetes in Special Circumstances


Core Modules

  • Core Principles of Diabetes
  • Self-Management of Diabetes
  • Treatment of Diabetes
  • Microvascular Complications of Diabetes
  • Macrovascular Complications of Diabetes
  • Diabetes in Special Circumstances
  • Research in Diabetes Care

To find out more about this programme, please visit our partner, iheed:


We adopt a student-centric approach, ensuring that the needs and priorities of our students are at the heart of everything we do.

The course curriculum is carefully crafted in collaboration with institutional partners and subject matter experts across Europe, Middle East and Asia, emphasising the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills required by healthcare professionals.

The course offers online education that can be participants with a leading-edge understanding of all aspects of diabetes care from screening and diagnosis to patient empowerment and the management of complications.

Acknowledging the busy schedules of healthcare professionals, the course offers a state-of-the-art flexible online learning environment, allowing students to balance their studies with their personal and professional commitments. This includes a carefully considered blend of live and asynchronous learning components, enabling students to learn at their own pace and access course materials at any time, on any device.

We pride ourselves on offering personalised support to students throughout their learning journey. Many of our learners are returning to education after a significant gap so the course includes a comprehensive induction, guidance on academic writing and study and regular feedback. This helps students to overcome barriers to learning and fosters a sense of belonging and engagement within their group.

Class sizes

The course recruits 3 cohorts per year, with approximately 50 students in each cohort.

Students are allocated to groups of approximately 25 based on their preference for tutorial times.


Each of the core diploma modules has a combination of both formative and summative assessment. This includes reflective journals and weekly critical analysis of a topical issue or short clinical case and for the summative assessment, a structured assignment and an examination comprised of multiple-choice questions.

For the MSc and the research module, assessment will comprise a research protocol, oral presentation, poster presentation and a journal article.

Your timetable

A personalised timetable will be provided to all students as part of the induction to the programme.

Your career

Completing the MSc / Pg Dip Diabetes Care programme directly enhances professional pathways.

For doctors, it broadens their understanding and equips them with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, enhancing their clinical practice and elevating their prospects in hospital or clinical settings. Many alumni have obtained GPwER status in the UK – A GpwER (General Practitioner with Extended Roles) is a GP GP who undertakes, in addition to their core general practice, a role that is beyond the scope of GP training and the MRCGP and requires further training. Graduates in the Middle East / South Asia manage diabetes clinics and sit on national steering committees.

Nurses benefit immensely by advancing their skill set, transitioning from bedside care to more specialised roles or even leadership positions within diabetes care teams. A postgraduate qualification (alongside clinical experience and other pillars of advance practice) is an essential requirement to obtain Clinical Nurse Specialist or Advanced Nurse Practitioner roles.

Allied Healthcare professionals, including dietitians and pharmacists, gain a comprehensive insight into holistic diabetes management, expanding their consultancy opportunities and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for this course are arranged directly with iheed. Sponsorships, scholarships and flexible payment options are available. Please speak with one of the iheed education advisors for more information.

Find your iheed course fees

Find out how to apply to us, ask your questions, and find out more.

How to apply

For information about the application process, please go to the iheed course page.

How to apply for an online iheed course