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Living Costs

Beyond the academic fees that you pay for your programme of study, the other main cost for postgraduate students will be your living expenses. These include key aspects such as your accommodation fees if you choose to live on campus or rent for those living off campus, food, books and other general expenditure such as clothes or leisure.

A large part of your living costs will probably be your accommodation. Postgraduate students either live on campus in our university accommodation (£108 - £136 per week for a single room including heating and lighting 2016-17 rates) or off campus where rent is estimated at £75-£140 a week plus approximately £30 a week for local travel, heating, water and electricity bills.

More information and advice can be found on the Warwick Accommodation and Warwick Students' Union websites.

You will also need to allow for other essentials which are likely to include:

  • Food and toiletries
  • Books and materials for your course
  • Clothes
  • Leisure, sport and entertainment
  • Telephone charges
  • Sundries, such as haircuts, prescriptions, etc
  • Laundry costs

This list is intended as a guide and you may well have other areas of expenditure above and beyond items on this list. To help you budget and forecast expenditure why not try our new Warwick Budget Calculator?

How Much Will You Need?

The tables below provide guidelines for estimated costs you can expect whilst living and studying at Warwick as a postgraduate student. The costs given below are for a single student for 12 months. Please note that the following estimates do not include course fees.

Students undertaking Postgraduate Research Programmes should budget towards the upper end of these estimated costs to cover research-related field trips, visits to off-campus libraries and attendance at conferences.

It is important to remember that your living costs will be dependent upon your accommodation choices, lifestyle and spending patterns - some students spend more, others less.

  Lowest estimated costs
Upper estimated costs

Average estimated expenditure

Food and toiletries
£2,500 £4,000 £3,050
Books and materials
£440 £600 £520
Other general expenditure (including clothing, phone calls, laundry, insurance, trips/holidays, entertainment, travel)
£2,550 £3,000 £2,775
Total yearly expenditure
£5,490 £7,600 £6,345
Total including £525 for warm clothing* £6,015 £8,125 £6,870


*For those coming to the UK from a warmer climate, a budget of an extra £525 for warm clothing is also recommended.

The above costs are in addition to accommodation costs, which range from:

  Lowest estimated costs
Upper estimated costs
Average estimated expenditure

On campus accommodation (2016/17 prices: £108 - £136 per week)

£4,320 £6,936 £5,628

Off campus accommodation (2016/17 prices: £75 - £140 per week)

£3,150 £6,720 £4,935


For international students, it is important to note that the costs detailed in these tables do not include travel to and from your home country, and you will need to budget for any trips home above these listed living costs. For more information please visit the international study pages.

Graduate School

For the most up-to-date information on Postgraduate Funding and Scholarships, visit the Graduate School webpages


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For information about funding your PGCE, contact the Student Funding Office

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