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Why study abroad?

Study abroad can help you develop your language, intercultural skills, and life experience. Alternatively, you could choose to apply to work overseas, which enables you to gain work experience in an exciting new setting. As well as developing new skills, you'll also make some amazing memories, meet new people and explore everything your chosen country has to offer.

Many departments will support you to take a year overseas for study or work. This is an optional arrangement that extends the duration of your degree for one year. Some of our courses include time studying abroad as part of your degree. You’ll find more details by searching for your course.

Study abroad at Warwick

Ten reasons to study abroad

1. Employment opportunities

Employers tell us that they are constantly looking for ways to differentiate between applicants. Developing the skills that international mobility provides is one of the ways you will be able to set yourself apart from the crowd.

2. Language skills

Studying overseas can help you to develop your existing knowledge of a language, or to learn a new one. In an increasingly internationally-focused business world, language skills can be highly sought after by graduate employers.

3. Cultural understanding

Spending time immersed in a new or different cultural setting will provide you with an opportunity to develop a fresh understanding and outlook on culture. It may also help you to develop your communication and networking skill set.

4. Personal development

Taking part in a student mobility opportunity has helped our students to grow and develop as individuals in a globalised world. Increase your confidence and independence by stepping out of your comfort zone.

5. Added value

Whether you are a language student or have included a year abroad in your degree, the depth of non-academic knowledge and the level of experience gained through student mobility can prove invaluable.

6. Expanding your horizons

Studying overseas anywhere in the world can provide you with a fresh outlook and can expand your global network giving you access to friends and mentors across the globe.

7. Alternative study routes

Different universities have different modules or subjects. This can enable you to tailor your placement to your interests or career goals. The methods of learning can also be different from those used in the UK. By expanding your knowledge, you might return to Warwick with a different perspective for your final year.

8. Great choices

At Warwick (with your Department's permission), you may be able to choose to study, work or teach abroad. This means that you can take part in whichever opportunity best suits your needs or future plans.

9. See the world

With opportunities in more than 40 countries you may be able to take the opportunity to fit in some time exploring and travelling during your time abroad. We have partner institutions everywhere from the US, Canada and South America to Europe, Asia and Australia.

10. Most previous Study Abroad students say “It’s the best year of your life”

Read about blogger Laeticia's experience of studying in Europe, what she's gained from the experience, and why she'd definitely recommend spending some time overseas.

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