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Warwick is partnering with other world-leading Universities to deliver an established virtual internship programme, connecting teams of multi-disciplinary students with a wide variety of organisations.

It's a perfect opportunity to gain insight from our students in your workplace. The TeamWork programme brings together a multi-disciplinary, multinational team of six students, from the Universities of Warwick, Monash Australia, Monash Malaysia, Hong Kong University, University of Toronto, Canada, Cornell University, USA, or Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.

By taking part, you will have a team of six students apply their perspectives, skills, global outlook and academic abilities to your specific business need. Plus it’s a great way of supporting our students.

To get involved, please email us: alumni at warwick dot ac dot uk

You and your organisation will gain from having a team of students apply their perspectives, skills, global outlook and academic abilities to your specific business need or challenge. You will also have the opportunity to spot prospective graduate talent for recruitment.

Students benefit from work experience in an international context, while developing their project management, communication, teamwork, innovation and intercultural skills through being part of a multi-disciplinary international student team.

Access a Diverse Group of Students

This year we are prioritising places to students from under-represented groups in Higher Education. We've also been awarded Innovation funding of £30k this year to provide financial bursaries to support students from under-represented backgrounds in Higher Education and at Warwick. These bursaries have kindly been funded by the University of Warwick Alumni Innovation Fund.

We welcome a broad range of projects, from organisations around the world and from a wide range of sectors. The project could be a real challenge facing your organisation, or an area or opportunity that your organisation wishes to explore further, or simply a project that would benefit from a student view and input. Please email, alumni at warwick dot ac dot uk to get started.

What we need from you
  • Confirmation of your interest in being involved in this initiative by end March 2021
  • Project idea(s) to us by April 2021
  • A mentor for the student team, who is available to provide an initial briefing, plus feedback online to the student teams between 28 June and 23 July 2021 (four weeks)
  • Feedback on the project outcomes/final presentation
We provide
  • Student application and selection process for the programme
  • A guidebook to support you through the process along with an introductory webinar with Q&A and further detail about the programme
  • A multi-disciplinary team of students, who will have undergone a training and skills induction programme before they begin on your project
  • Mentoring support provided by the respective Universities to the student team, before, during and after the project
  • Online secure platform for the student team to work in, which is also open to you and your organisation (Microsoft Teams platform)


Date Organisation Action Student Action
January - March 2021 Confirmed interest from organisations Student recruitment
April 2021 Project briefs submitted Start pre-programme training modules
May 2021   Pre-programme training continues
June 2021 Briefing / Intro call with student team Students in exams. Project briefs given end of June
July 2021 Projects with student team Completing 4-week project
August 2021 Feedback survey Feedback survey
September 2021 Online conference Online conference

Ideally, please provide as much as detail possible about your project brief. All students will have signed a Privacy Statement, so any information or data you provide is confidential. During your briefing, it’s good if you can share context and introduce your organisation and then drill down into what exactly you want the students to complete for you, potentially indicating where you give them freedom to do their own research. Also, do tell your student team how you would like to see the final report/presentation i.e. PDF, PowerPoint presentation.

How much time will I need to allocate to this project?

From end June, we expect a total time commitment of up to 2 hours from you, to host a virtual pre-project briefing with your student team, supported by your University mentor. During the project phase from 28 June -23 July, we estimate you would need to spend around 2 hours per week for the four weeks.

What technology is required?

We use Microsoft Teams which is supported by Warwick, secure and free to use. All work will happen through this platform including sharing files, working on documents and holding team chat and video calls.