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TeamWork Virtual International Programme

Fresh global thinking for your project

TeamWork 2024

Project applications for the Summer 2024 programme have now closed.

Taking place between 24 June and 19 July, TeamWork is a proven, online international experience programme, connecting organisations with multi-disciplinary teams of students from Warwick and other top universities around the world.

This programme helps students to develop their international experience, intercultural and communication skills and project management techniques, whilst organisations benefit from a diverse student perspective on your project or business challenge.



From Warwick and
other top universities
around the world



Discover organisations'
experiences hosting TeamWork student teams in 2021-2023


Hours of
student thinking

Taking place online, part-time for 4 weeks, from 24 June to 19 July 2024

Why take part?

Students need your guidance, knowledge, opinions, and discussions to broaden their horizons and practice their skills to help prepare them for their career after university.

This is a unique opportunity for you and your organisation to give back, whilst benefitting from having a team of students apply their perspectives, global outlook and academic abilities to your specific project or challenge. TeamWork is also an ideal branding opportunity for your organisation. Plus, you have an opportunity to spot prospective graduate talent for recruitment.

What we need from you

  • A mentor for the student team, who is available to provide an initial briefing, plus give feedback and guidance weekly online to the student teams for four weeks between June-July (the times could vary depending on project)
  • Feedback to your student team on the project outcomes/final presentation

We provide

  • Student application and selection process for the programme
  • A multi-disciplinary team of students, who will have undergone a training and skills onboarding programme before they begin your project
  • Support from a Warwick facilitator assigned to you and your project
  • Promotion of your organisation to all of the TeamWork students

We are particularly keen to work with organisations whose main focus is within the following sectors:

  • Sustainability and Social Impact ​
  • Global Health and Wellbeing
  • Charity / Not-For-Profit​
  • Finance ​
  • Technology​
  • Arts ​
  • Media​
  • Engineering and Manufacturing

Your project should ideally incorporate one of the following themes:

  • Marketing and Social Media​
  • Research and Business Development​
  • Technology and Transformation​
  • Sustainability and Social Impact​
  • Global Health and Wellbeing​
  • Finance and Consultancy

Contact us

For more information, please contact Esther de Perlaky , Tori Reynolds , Cathy Spinage, or Laura Jackson