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Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement

Share your video and digital content with us to add to our Warwick Student Opportunity YouTube channel and for inclusion across our wider student resources to raise your profile effectively. Our YouTube channel provides learning based content only to our student audience, we will not list promotional content.

Examples of suitable content include;

  • Short 2 minute videos that provide insights and advice into your recruitment process or sector / business area
  • Virtual careers treks – provide a virtual walk through of the office or day in the life videos to give students insight into your working culture
  • Create bespoke content for Warwick in which you may wish to target specific departments or underrepresented student groups

Web Banners

Employers wishing to promote their organisation within myAdvantage can do so through the use of our web banner advertising service. Web banners provide a visual prompt to students as well as a link to further information about your organisation and opportunities.

Banners can be set to appear equally to all students, or targeted towards specific academic departments to ensure your messages are tailored to your needs. They will run for a period of 4 weeks or per term according to your needs.

You will need to supply an appropriate banner artwork with a width of 358 pixels and a height that is shorter than the width. The artwork must be in either jpeg or png format and less than 40kb in size.

For more information, pricing and booking details please log into myAdvantage

Careers Blog

Our careers blog aims to inform all Warwick students about career opportunities and inspire them to reflect on their career planning to help them make better decisions. We would love to hear from employers who can provide valuable insight and advice to our students through our blog.

Writing a blog post is a great opportunity for you to enhance your brand and provide more information about your organisation, the sector you work within and the roles available that you may not be able to do within a job advert.

Some ideas for posts are listed below although we would welcome your ideas too:

  • What does a typical day in your organisation/sector look like?
  • What is it like to work for an SME?
  • Why do SMEs need graduates?
  • The importance of networking
  • The recruitment process for different sized organisations and how students can prepare
  • How easy is it to get into a specific sector? What expectations should graduates have? How can they prepare?
  • What are employers looking for when they approach Warwick students?
  • An employer’s experience of Warwick e.g. at careers fair/presentation- how did they find Warwick students? What did students ask? Who gave the best first impressions?
  • Demystifying job advert jargon - what do certain terms mean?

To contribute please email in the first instance