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Recruiting International Graduates

In a global economy, employing an international student can bring valuable business benefits to UK employers.

It has never been easier to recruit an international graduate from the University of Warwick. This practical guide, from the International Student Employment Group, looks at the benefits to UK employers of recruiting a Warwick international student and summarises the recruitment options.


Benefits to your business

International students offer many benefits to UK employers, including:

  • Valuable business skills learnt whilst studying, including project management, problem solving, leadership, communications and customer focus
  • Opportunities to develop new ventures, products and services
  • Access to overseas contacts and networks
  • A fresh perspective
  • In-depth knowledge of different cultures and languages
  • Initiative and drive having lived and studied in a different country

See the International Student Employment Group's Recruiting International Graduates Employer's Guide to find your best hiring options under the Graduate and Skilled Worker routes.

Don't have a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence?

Don't let it be a barrier to hiring international students! SMEs without such a licence can also hire international students.

Graduates who hold an unsponsored Graduate Visa are eligible to work for any employer at any skills level, whether the employer has a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence or not.

Read our 'Graduate route - Employer Information' leaflet.

Webinar: research on international graduates' employment

Hosted by Institute of Student Employers (ISE), Associate of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) and Paragon Law.

Find out about research on barriers and successes of international employment, as well as graduates’ perception of employers’ knowledge and engagement with the Graduate and Skilled Worker route.