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Hosted on campus, enjoy face to face interaction with students whilst sharing insights into your organisation and the opportunities available. We will schedule a convenient date, time and room for you on campus, promote the event to our students, set up registration and raise your brand awareness via our social media platforms.

Hybrid Presentations

These events give organisations and students the opportunity to have both a virtual and in-person experience. Our hybrid presentations offer an engaging way to connect with students whilst allowing you to present remotely. These synchronise a live online presentation via our Teams platform with the physical presence of Warwick students gathered together in a teaching room. These sessions are facilitated by a member of our team.

Virtual Presentations

Connect digitally with target groups of Warwick students by delivering a virtual presentation.

Share the details of your digital presentations and we will market them to your chosen group of students at the University of Warwick. Alternatively, book a date and time with us to host a webinar via our Microsoft Team Platform. Our platform enables slides, video content and multiple presenters from different locations.

Plus, we have connections with other top UK universities where we can promote your webinar too, giving you access to the widest number of students.

Professional Development Workshops

Teach students essential careers skills that they will need to succeed in your industry. These 20 minute 'bite-sized' digital video skills sessions are aimed at helping students to grow and develop professionally whilst also raising your profile at the University of Warwick.

Online Coffee Chats

These short and informal coffee chats enable students at the University of Warwick to have one-to-one conversations with you and your organisation to learn more about your company, recruiting process and work culture. We suggest you book several hours out to host a virtual coffee shop and allow students to book in for 20 minute time slots.

Virtual Office Visits

Host a virtual tour of your company and we'll promote it to our students - either as a live video or pre-recorded.

All events are promoted through myAdvantage where students can view lists of upcoming employer events. In addition we will promote events via social media, e.newsletters, departmental contacts and students society connections.

For further details on any of these services please contact Esther de Perlaky -