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Students walking past the koan

TeamWork is a proven virtual international programme connecting organisations with multi-disciplinary teams of students from Warwick and other top universities around the world. The programme helps students to develop their international experience, intercultural and communication skills and project management techniques, whilst organisations benefit from a diverse student perspective on a project of your choosing.

It's a perfect opportunity to gain insight from our students in your workplace. The TeamWork programme brings together a multi-disciplinary, multinational team of 6-8 students, from the Universities of Warwick, Monash Australia, Monash Malaysia, Hong Kong University, University of Toronto, Canada, Cornell University, USA and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. We are also delighted to welcome students from the Eutopia University groups including the University of Gothenburg, CY Paris, University of Ljubljana, UPF Barcelona, VUB Brussels and Ca'Foscari, Venice.

Applications are closed for 2023.

TeamWork 2022, Christos Roussakis, Eurostar

"TeamWork has been a great opportunity to engage with students and listen to their fresh ideas about topics that have been on our radar for quite some time. The wide variety of their backgrounds, both cultural and academic, resulted in interesting questions that challenged our ways of thinking. What is more, their enthusiasm and professionalism were reflected in the quality of their deliverables which positively surprised me. For all these reasons, I look forward to collaborating with the next cohort of students.

TeamWork 2022, Sarah Shafiq, Action for Development

"Watching over the student projects and seeing them develop over 4 weeks was wonderful. The students are hardworking and determined, making it a joy to work with them! With time, today's generation will have responsibilities of making this world a better place. It was a pleasure to help them understand where in the world problems lie and what possible solutions there are. We sincerely hope to continue our relationship with Warwick TeamWork for next year. Thank you – truly.