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STSS 2020 Resources

Classics, History of Art, and Film & TV

Day One - Welcome

Welcome to the 2020 Sutton Trust Summer School Classics, History of Art, and Film & TV stream here at Warwick!

We are really looking forward to working with you and giving you a taste of what it is like to study at a top university. Your strand leaders are Dr Paul Grigsby, Dr Sarah Walford, and Dr Matt Denny (above left to right) and we will be leading joint sessions as well as individual lectures and will be available to chat if you have any questions in three special Q&A sessions, one for each topic.

We aim in this strand to show you both the diversity of what we study here at Warwick (including how much variety there is within each single subject) and to point out the links between our different subjects - at its best, university study is often very interdisciplinary, and we will show how our own disciplines can and have learned from each other.

You might not have come here with any interest in Classics say, or perhaps History of Art or even Film, but we hope you will find our mixed strand both useful and interesting, and if you go away with a better understanding and appreciation of our different subjects and how we can each learn from the other, then we will have done our job. And if we have inspired you to learn more, then what better place than Warwick to continue your journey.


Academic Exercises - Answers

[The answer sheets will appear here after the session Q&As have taken place]

Day Two

Classics and Ancient History Perseus exercise answers

History of Art Perseus exercise answers

Film & TV Perseus exercise answers

Classics and Ancient History The Body in Greek Art answers

Day Three

History of Art - The Power of the Image exercise answers

Film & TV