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PhD Supervision

I am happy to supervise work on any aspect of early modern literature: please email me for a conversation.

(Ovid, Heroides, Brescia, 1542, col. 1; (c) Paul Botley 2021)

Past and present research students

Mathilde Alain (begun 2021), ‘The Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia in the Travel Diary of Francisco Álvarez (1520-1526)’ (co-supervision).

Iván Parga Ornelas (begun 2019), ‘From Vergil to David: Maffeo Vegio’s “Literary Conversion”: The Shaping of Literary Careers by Early Renaissance Writers’ (co-supervision).

Thomasin Bailey (completed 2019), ‘Authority and Influence in Lady Mary Wroth’s Pamphilia to Amphilanthus’ (co-supervision).

Ovanes Akopyan (completed 2018), ‘Controversies on Astrology in Renaissance Italy in the Late 15th and Early 16th Centuries’ (co-supervision).

Katie Smith (completed 2017), ‘Ovidian Female-Voiced Complaint Poetry’ (co-supervision).

Vlad Brljak (completed 2015), ‘Allegory and Modernity in English Literature, c. 1575-1675’ (co-supervision).