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Creative Work

Fiction Writing

I write short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays, and am working on a novel.

Currently, I co-lead the PG Creative Writing Group with Beth Shepherd. I am also an Assistant Writer with Spark Young Writers (Writing West Midlands).


  • Finalist, InkTears Short Story Competition (Apr 2013) for my short story 'Oysters' - shortlisted as one of the top 12 out of 500 entries
  • Highly Commended, Commonwealth Essay Competition (2004) for my short story

Published fiction:

  • Selk, short story extract, in Read Me Anthology - this is a young adult, university-funded anthology that was launched at Waterstones Coventry
  • The Plot, short story, Read Me Anthology blog - I also performed this story as part of an open mic event Down the Rabbit Hole at Esquires Coventry



Contribution to Times Higher Education blog:

Contributions to PhD Life (University of Warwick) blog - a blog on the PhD student experience, where I wrote posts mostly on mindset shifts and well-being:

Contributions to Read Me Anthology (University of Warwick) blog - a blog on young adult fiction, in conjunction with the anthology:


I am currently a writer for Wounded to Death (Ferite A Morte), a funded project with the Italian Studies department at Warwick (Feb 2020 - Present). In a team, we are adapting Serena Dandini's book Ferite A Morte for the stage, collaboratively writing the script.

I was a writer for Theatre In Motion: Multi-Lingual Translation and Performance, a funded project with the Italian Studies department at Warwick (Oct 2018 - Mar 2019). In a team of five, I adapted Giuseppe Catozzella's novel Non dirmi che hai paura (Don't Tell Me You're Afraid in English) for the stage, collaboratively writing the script. I also acted in the play. The script will be published in an upcoming book.


In a team of four, I co-wrote and co-directed Back to the Beginning: Killing Infection with Infection, a short science film produced by LabCut Science Films as part of a three-day film workshop funded by the Wellcome-Warwick Quantitative Biomedicine Programme (Jun 2019). This film was shortlisted as a Finalist in Bristol Science Film Competition (Aug 2019). The film was shown on Big Screen Bristol on 12 Aug and screened at the British Science Festival at Warwick University on 14 Sep 2019.

I assisted on The Inferno Show, a short film by the European Drama Network in association with Warwick Business School (Mar 2013). I am credited as Costume Supervisor on the film production.

I also produced some short films for the Singapore Civil Defence Force whilst working in journalism (2011).

Radio & Podcast

I created and presented on Flash Fix, an award-winning show broadcasting short-form fiction, non-fiction, and poetry on Warwick RAW 1251AM (2019). Flash Fix won Bronze for Best Arts Show at RaWards Warwick (2020). Flash Fix podcast is coming soon.

I participated in a student radio production about stories and storytelling in music on Warwick RaW (2012).