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Julie Hudson


Julie Hudson started her PhD with Warwick University in 2013/4. Her main research interest is the environment on stage, and her working title: The Environment on Stage: Scenery or Cultural Shapeshifter?

Supervisor: Dr. Steve Purcell. Co-supervisor: Prof. Carol Rutter. Consultant (ecocriticism): Dr. Pablo Mukherjee

Theatrical interests: Julie is a trustee on the board of the theatre company Cardboard Citizens.

Research Detail - Environment on Stage

The driving question: Is there any evidence to suggest that (theatre practitioners are proactively and coherently leveraging the possibility that) the theatre can help bring about a shift to a new environment-aware way of life, and, if so, where is it working and what could be done for greater efficacy? Early chapters explore the two cultures divide, the state of play in ecocriticism on stage, and aspects of audience reception research.

Topical Publication

'"If you want to be green hold your breath": Climate Change in British Theatre', NTQ 111, 2012.

Crossing the Eighth Wall - Ecotheatre Blog

The environment is (inevitably) on stage, embedded in the creative, chemical, physical, kinetic, and potential energy driving any theatrical event. Why doesn't anyone talk about it? In my Warwick blog, I hope to find out why...

Brief Biography

This Warwick research degree follows a long career in the City where, as a part-timer, Julie still heads up UBS’s ten-year-old Global ESG & Sustainability team. With UBS’s support, Julie is a Visiting Business Fellow of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Oxford University, where she was a catalyst for the TORCH-Smith School 'Mind the Environmental Gap' humanities seminars (2012), and the associated Symposium (October 2013).

Julie holds a BA in Modern Languages from Oxford University, a London University (SOAS) MSc. in Financial Economics, a City University MSc. in Economic Regulation and Competition, and an MA in English Literature with Warwick University.

Speaking on Sustainable Investment, December 2013, Rovinj.

Julie Hudson

J dot Hudson at warwick dot ac dot uk