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My Research

The tabs represent different streams of research-interest. My main thesis is about the environment on stage, and whether the theatre could potentially be effective in bringing about enough of a cultural change to alter the prevailing relationship between human beings and their environment. I enjoy experimenting with a small number of parallel tracks on the basis that they may throw light on my main research questions. Forum Theatre - Performance as Research was an opportunity to think about and develop research techniques potentially applicable in the later chapters of my thesis.

Thesis: Eco-theatre

–The environment on stage; the impact and efficacy of eco-theatre. There's an interesting reference to ecopolitical performance on the website of Warwick University's Dr. Jonathan Skinner. See Interim Magazine, Section III, mentioned in his bibliography.

–Event research – audience reception research. See a theatre event example in draft, prepared for the IFTR Conference 2014, on tab below Eco-theatre.

–Identifying theatre productions that successfully shift the environmental perspective of their audiences and communities. (c.f. Kershaw 1992).

Cardboard Citizens Project: Forum Theatre

–Theatre seeking to shift perspectives on homelessness.

–Forum theatre - Performance as Research.

–Opportunity to test out the idea of efficacy in another context.