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Graduate Diploma in English Literature

*Please note that the Graduate Diploma will not be running in 2017-18*

Course description

Candidates for the Diploma in English Literature are required to pursue an approved programme of study containing coursework and dissertation elements for at least three terms, full-time. Two years are required for part-time study.

Entry requirements

All candidates must satisfy the Warwick University Board of Graduate Studies' requirements for entry. Normally, candidates should have obtained an honours degree at an approved university.

Course requirements

Students are required to take three modules, taken from modules available to second and third year undergraduate students. These modules will be examined by essays. Modules will be chosen with the guidance of the Diploma Director.

Three undergraduate Honours level modules taken from this list.

(C) A Dissertation

Note that while the final deadline for all written work for the Diploma is the same as for the MA (September), students are required to produce earlier drafts for all written work, and must take their tutors' advice on this.

Examination: 100% assessed

  1. All modules: Assessment by Essays, on topics to be agreed by arrangement with the course tutor. Normally either two essays will be required, to a total of 7,000 words.
  2. Dissertation: 6-8,000 words, on a subject to be agreed with an appropriate supervisor. Due September.

The Diploma shall normally be awarded only to candidates who achieve marks of at least 40 in all four areas; but one mark in the 30-39 range need not fail a candidate, provided it is compensated by at least one mark proportionally above 40 elsewhere.

Admission to higher degrees

Admission to the higher-degree programme shall be at the discretion of the Board of Graduate Studies. Four marks of 50 or above in the Diploma will normally be required.

Pre-sessional course in English for international students

Where the Department judges it appropriate, students will be required to attend the Pre-Sessional Course in English for Overseas Students in September, followed by regular term-time instruction devised for their particular needs.

Students will not be given a separate examination in English Language.


Please note that we strongly advise that you apply before the beginning of May as this is when undergraduate module choices are made - if you apply later then your choice of modules will be extremely limited. You should apply online at