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Reasonable Adjustments

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Reasonable Adjustments

Alternative Exam Arrangements


Reasonable Adjustments

Students are encouraged to register with a Disability Adviser via the Wellbeing Support office so that we can discuss what reasonable adjustments may be helpful to enable a student to engage with their course. Adjustments are considered on an individual basis and considered in the context of the impact of a disability or learning difference, in accordance with the University policies and the Equality Act (2010).

Once a student has met with Wellbeing Support, the adviser will contact the student's department (with their permission) to recommend any specific adjustments. Although adjustments vary, it is not unusual for recommendations to be made relating to marking, deadlines, recording of lectures and access to lecture materials in advance.


Alternative Exam Arrangements

If you have a disability and you require alternative exam arrangements, please make an appointment with the Disability Team as soon as you can. Following that discussion and with your consent, your Department and the Exams Office will be informed of any adjustments required on disability grounds for examinations.

Alternative examination arrangements are available to students who have a medical condition affecting their ability to take the examination under the usual conditions during exam time.

  • Students should apply for alternative arrangements via Wellbeing Support. They should apply as soon as they possibly can and no later than the deadline stated below. Students who do not register for alternative exam arrangements by this deadline may have their request refused by the Department. Alternative Exam Arrangements
  • Students who for reasons of religious observance prefer not to sit exams on a particular day(s) should fill in the Religious Observance Form and submit it to the University Exams Office as soon as possible. Religious Observance



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