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List of Publications

a) Books and Edited Collections

Beat Kümin,
The Shaping of a Community: The Rise & Reformation of the English Parish c. 1400-1560
St Andrews Studies in Reformation History
(Aldershot and Brookfield/Vermont: Scolar Press, 1996)

Now available from Routledge


Beat Kümin (ed.),
Reformations Old and New: Essays on the Socio-Economic Impact of Religious Change c. 1470-1630
St Andrews Studies in Reformation History
(Aldershot and Brookfield/Vermont: Scolar Press, 1996)


Now available from Routledge



K. French, G. Gibbs and B. Kümin (eds),
The Parish in English Life 1400-1600 
(Manchester: University Press, 1997)

[review] [Kümin, 'Parish in European Perspective']




Beat Kümin and B. Ann Tlusty (eds),
The World of the Tavern: Public Houses in Early Modern Europe 
(Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing, 2002)
[now available from Routledge]




Beat Kümin (ed.),

Landgemeinde und Kirche im Zeitalter der Konfessionen [Rural Communities and the Church in the Age of Confessions] (Zürich: Chronos Verlag, 2004)

[content and availability: web / pdf-file]
[review] [recension]


Beat Kümin,
Drinking Matters: Public Houses and Social Exchange in Early Modern Central Europe
Early Modern History: Society and Culture
(Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007)

Content and availability reviews: 1 / 2

See also the WARWICK PODCAST series on aspects of the book.


Beat Kümin (ed.),

The European World 1500-1800: An Introduction to Early Modern History
(London: Routledge, 2009; enlarged 2nd edn, 2014; expanded 3rd edn, 2018; also available as an e-book)

3rd edn Contents & Availability; 2nd edn companion site (with image gallery, timeline, glossary & weblinks);
Editor Profile; Reviews of the first edn in English, German and Hungarian; first edn website

The third edition of the Warwick textbook, available in hard-/paperback/e-book formats, has now been published



Beat Kümin (ed.),
Political Space in Pre-industrial Europe
(Aldershot: Ashgate, 2009)

Book Flyer (pdf) now available from Routledge e-book Introduction' Rezensionen: 1 2 3 




Beat Kümin (ed.),

'Brewing Cultures in Early Modern Towns',
special issue of Brewery History 135 (2010)
[featuring refereed essays by James Brown, Katja Lindenau, Tim Reinke-Williams and Masatake Wasa]
Contents and Introduction and Notes on Contributors 



Beat Kümin and B. Ann Tlusty (eds),
Public Drinking in the Early Modern World 1500-1800: Voices from the Tavern
Vols 2-3: The Holy Roman Empire
(London: Pickering & Chatto, 2011)
An extensive collection of translated primary sources (travel reports, registers of public houses, taxation records, diaries, moral literature, court proceedings etc) from German-speaking Europe, especially the imperial free city of Augsburg, the principality of Bavaria and the Swiss city republic of Bern. The other two volumes in the series, edited by Thomas Brennan, feature evidence from France and America.
Now available from Routledge Introduction Review 1 Review 2 Rezension


Beat Kümin (ed.),
A Cultural History of Food in the Early Modern Age 
(Oxford: Berg, 2012)
[= Vol. 4 of the six-part series A Cultural History of Food, gen. eds. F. Parasecoli and P. Scholliers]

Publisher Information (Volume HB, Volume PB / Series) Dustjacket Introduction

Beat Kümin,
The Communal Age in Western Europe c. 1100-1800: Towns, Villages and Parishes in Pre-Modern Society
Studies in European History
(Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)

Publisher Information and Availability

Contents, Introduction and Index



B. Kümin and Cornelie Usborne (eds),
'At home and in the workplace: Domestic and Occupational Space in Western Europe from the Middle Ages',

FORUM essay collection for: History & Theory 52 (2013)

[featuring refereed essays by Willem de Blécourt, Amanda Flather, Leif Jerram, Matthew Johnson, Krisztina Robert and a comment by Gerd Schwerhoff]


B. Kümin (ed.),

Politische Freiheit und republikanische Kultur im Alten Europa. Historische Essays zum Gedenkjahr "Gersau 2014"
[Political Freedom and Republican Culture in Old Europe. Historical Essays for the Bicentary "Gersau 2014"]
(Vitznau: Bucher Druckmedien, 2015)

[available for CHF 19.50 at Bezirkskanzlei Gersau] [Book Launch Info (sub 17/6/2015)] [Contents & Introduction]




Michele Ferrari and Beat Kümin (eds),
Pfarreien in der Vormoderne: Identität und Kultur im Niederkirchenwesen Europas [Pre-modern Parishes: Identity and Culture in Local Ecclesiastical Life], Wolfenbütteler Forschungen 146
(Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2017) [includes regional / thematic essays in four languages plus M. Ferrari & B. Kümin, ’Einführung – Pfarreien in der Vormoderne’, 9-22; pre-print version; publication / ordering flyer]




Beat Kümin,
Imperial Villages: Cultures of Political Freedom in the German Lands c. 1300-1800
Studies in Central European Histories Volume 65
(Leiden: Brill Publishing, 2019)

Contents, Front Matter, Appendices and Ordering Information



C. Scott Dixon & Beat Kümin (eds),
Interpreting Early Modern Europe
(London: Routledge, 2019)

Contents & publisher information - available in hardcopy / paperback and as an e-book, featuring surveys on the historiography of key themes in the period, with extracts from primary sources and secondary works.


b) Articles and Essays

  • B. Kümin, ‘Parish finance and the early Tudor clergy’, in: A. Pettegree (ed.), The Reformation of the Parishes (Manchester, 1993), pp. 43-62
  • C. Burgess and B. Kümin, 'Penitential bequests and parish regimes in late medieval England', Journal of Ecclesiastical History 44 (4/1993), pp. 610-30
  • B. Kümin, ‘“How good Gierke is!”. F. W. Maitland in seinem europäischen Kontext’, Zeitschrift für Neuere Rechtsgeschichte 17 (3+4/1995), pp. 268-82
  • B. Kümin, 'The English parish in a European perspective', in: K. French, G. Gibbs and B. Kümin (eds), The Parish in English Life 1400-1600 (Manchester, 1997), 15-32
  • B. Kümin, ‘The fear of intrusion: Communal resilience in early modern England’, in: W. Naphy and P. Roberts (eds), Fear in Early Modern Society (Manchester, 1997), pp. 118-36
  • B. Kümin, 'Parish und Local Government. Die englische Kirchgemeinde als politische Institution 1350-1650 [The English parish as a political institution' [and] 'Gemeinde und Revolution. Die kommunale Prägung der englischen Levellers [The communal roots of the Leveller movement]', and (with R. Fuhrmann and A. Würgler), 'Supplizierende Gemeinden. Aspekte einer vergleichenden Quellenbetrachtung [Supplicating communities: A comparative examination of the sources]' in: P. Blickle (ed.), Gemeinde und Staat im Alten Europa (Beiheft der Historischen Zeitschrift, Munich, 1997), pp. 209-38, 361-96, 267-323
  • B. Kümin and A. Würgler, ‘Petitions, Gravamina and the early modern state: local influence on central legislation in England and Germany (Hesse)’, Parliaments, Estates and Representation 17 (1997), pp. 39-60
  • B. Kümin, ‘Voluntary religion and Reformation change in eight urban parishes’, in: P. Collinson and J. Craig (eds), The Reformation in English Towns (London, 1998), pp. 175-189, 280-284, 311-312
  • B. Kümin, ‘Parishioners in court: litigation and the local community 1350-1650’, in: S. Wabuda and C. Litzenberger (eds), Belief and Practice in Reformation England: A Tribute to Patrick Collinson by his Students (Aldershot, 1998), pp. 20-39
  • B. Kümin, ‘“By all the Whole Body of the Parish“. Entscheidungsfindung in der englischen Kirchgemeinde 1500-1550’, in: Heinrich R. Schmidt, André Holenstein and Andreas Würgler (eds), Gemeinde, Reformation und Widerstand. Festschrift für Peter Blickle zum 60. Geburtstag (Tübingen, 1998), pp. 85-102
  • B. Kümin, 'Useful to have, but difficult to govern. Inns and taverns in early modern Bern and Vaud', in: Journal of Early Modern History 3 (1999), pp. 153-175
  • B. Kümin, 'Rathaus, Wirtshaus, Gotteshaus. Von der Zwei- zur Dreidimensionalität in der frühneuzeitlichen Gemeindeforschung [Town hall, public house and parish church. Towards a three-dimensional view of early modern communities]', in: František Šmahel (ed.), Geist, Gesellschaft, Kirche im 13.-16. Jh. (Colloquia Mediaevalia Pragensia 1, Prague, 1999), pp. 249-62
  • B. Kümin and A. Radeff, 'Markt-Wirtschaft. Handelsinfrastruktur und Gastgewerbe im alten Bern [Commercial infrastructure and the hospitality trade in early modern Bern]', in: Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Geschichte 50 (1/2000), pp. 1-19
  • B. Kümin, 'Masses, morris and metrical psalms. Music in the English parish c. 1400-1600', in: Fiona Kisby (ed.), Music and Musicians in Renaissance Cities and Towns (Cambridge, 2001), pp. 70-81
  • B. Kümin, '"Run by the poor for the poor"? Social elites in the early modern public house', in: Renaissance Journal 1 (7/2003), 7-13
  • B. Kümin, 'Vormodernes Gastgewerbe und früher Tourismus in den bernischen Alpen', in: Andrea Leonardi and Hans Heiss (eds), Tourismus und Entwicklung im Alpenraum 18.-20. Jh. / Turismo e sviluppo in area alpina, secoli XVIII-XX, Tourism & Museum Vol. I (Innsbruck: StudienVerlag, 2003), pp. 281-300
  • B. Kümin, 'Eat in or take away. Food and drink in Central European public houses around 1800', in: M. Hietala and T. Vahtikari (eds), The Landscape of Food. The Food Relationship of Town and Country in Modern Times, Studia Fennica Historica 4 (Helsinki, 2003), pp. 73-82
  • B. Kümin, 'Eating out before the restaurant: Dining cultures in early modern inns', in: M. Jacobs and P. Scholliers (eds), Eating Out in Europe: Picnics, Gourmet Dining and Snacks since the Late Eighteenth Century (Oxford: Berg, 2003), pp. 71-87
  • B. Kümin, 'Das Wirtshaus im altbayerischen Landgericht Dachau', in: Amperland (4/2003) and (1/2004)
  • B. Kümin, 'Pre-Reformation churchwardens' accounts and parish government: Looking beyond London and Bristol', English Historical Review 119 (2004), 87-99
  • B. Kümin, ‘Wirtshaus und Gemeinde: Politisches Profil einer kommunalen Grundinstitution im alten Europa [Public house and commune: Political profile of a key local institution in early modern Europe]’, in: S. Rau and G. Schwerhoff (eds), Zwischen Gotteshaus und Taverne. Öffentliche Räume in Spätmittelalter und Früher Neuzeit, Norm und Struktur 21 (Cologne: Böhlau, 2004), 75-97
  • B. Kümin, 'Grossbritannien: Kap. 1: Mittelalter', in: M. Jorio (ed.), Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz (electronic version 2004; printed version: vol. 5, Basel 2006, 724)
  • B. Kümin, 'The Devil's Altar? Crime and the early modern public house', in: History Compass 2 (1/2005) [post-print text of an e-publication; the definitive version is available from the Wiley Online Library]
  • B. Kümin, 'Sacred church and worldly tavern: Reassessing an early modern divide', in: W. Coster and A. Spicer (eds), Sacred Space in Early Modern Europe (Cambridge: UP, 2005), 17-38
  • B. Kümin, 'Taverne, Bad und Take Away - Das Worber Gastgewerbe zwischen Mittelalter und Moderne [Inn, bathing house and take away: Commercial hospitality at Worb between Medieval and Modern Times]', in: H. R. Schmidt (ed.), Worber Geschichte (Bern, 2005), 634-51
  • B. Kümin, ‘Das vormoderne Wirtshaus im Spannungsfeld zwischen Arbeit und Freizeit [The premodern public house between the poles of work and leisure]’, in: Hans-Jörg Gilomen, Beatrice Schumacher and Laurent Tissot (eds), Freizeit und Vergnügen vom 14. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert (Zurich: Chronos, 2005), 87-98
  • B. Kümin, ‘Friede, Gewalt und öffentliche Räume: Grenzziehungen im alteuropäischen Wirtshaus [Peace, Violence and Public Space: Drawing Boundaries in the Early Modern Public House’], in: Claudia Ulbrich, Claudia Jarzebowski and Michaela Hohkamp (eds), Gewalt in der Frühen Neuzeit: Beiträge zur 5. Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frühe Neuzeit im VHD, Historische Forschungen Bd. 81 (Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 2005), 130-9
  • B. Kümin, ‘Drinking and public space in early modern German lands’, in: Contemporary Drug Problems: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 32 (Spring 2005), 9-27
  • B. Kümin, ‘Wirtshaus, Verkehr und Kommunikationsrevolution im frühneuzeitlichen Alpenraum [Public House, Road Transport and the "Communication Revolution" in the Early Modern Alps]’, in: Zeitsprünge: Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit 9 (3-4/2005), 376-393
  • B. Kümin, 'Wirtshäuser und Bäder [Public Houses and Spas]', in: A. Holenstein (ed.), Berns Mächtige Zeit. Das 16. und 17. Jahrhundert neu entdeckt (Bern, 2006), 544-50
  • B. Kümin, ‘The secular legacy of the late medieval English parish’, in: C. Burgess and E. Duffy (eds), The Parish in Late Medieval England, Harlaxton Medieval Studies XIV (Donington: Shaun Tyas, 2006), 95-111 and pl. 1-4 [link to pre-print version]
  • B. Kümin, ‘Public Houses and Civic Tensions in Early Modern Bern’, in: Urban History 34 (1/2007), 89-101
  • B. Kümin, ‘Wirtshaus, Reiseverkehr und Raumerfahrung am Ausgang des Mittelalters [Public Houses, Road Traffic and the Experience of Space at the Close of the Middle Ages]’, in: Rainer C. Schwinges (ed.), Strassen- und Verkehrswesen im Mittelalter, Vorträge und Forschungen LXVI (Sigmaringen: Thorbecke, 2007), 331-52
  • B. Kümin, ‘Popular Culture and Sociability’, in: P. Wilson (ed.), A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Europe (Oxford: Blackwell, 2008), 192-207
  • B. Kümin, ‘Das Gastgewerbe als Wirtschaftsfaktor [Commercial hospitality as an economic factor]’, in: André Holenstein (ed.), Berns goldene Zeit: Das 18. Jahrhundert neu entdeckt (Bern: Stämpfli, 2008), 114
  • B. Kümin, 'Wirtshausgeschichte. Das Gastgewerbe in der historischen Frühneuzeitforschung [Commercial hospitality in early modern historiography]', in: Peter Friedrich and Rolf Parr (eds), Gastlichkeit. Erkundungen einer Schwellensituation (Heidelberg: Synchron, 2009), 117-31 [pdf-flyer] [review]
  • B. Kümin, ‘Political Culture in the Holy Roman Empire [Review Essay]’, in: German History 27 (2009), 131-44
  • B. Kümin, 'Iconographical approaches to the early modern public house', Food & History 7 (2/2009), pp. 29-42.
  • B. Kümin, 'Introduction' [to special issue 'Brewing Cultures in Early Modern Towns'], in: Brewery History 135 (2010), 2-7
  • B. Kümin, [Contributions on late medieval worship, Christian community, parishes, laity, churchwardens, finance and fundraising, secular/political dimensions and parish-state relations to:] The English Parish Church Through the Centuries, ed. Dee Dyas et al. (Interactive CD-ROM, Christianity and Culture, 2010)
  • B. Kümin, ‘In vino res publica? Politische Soziabilität im Wirtshaus der Frühen Neuzeit‘, in: G. Schwerhoff (ed.), Stadt und Öffentlichkeit in der Frühen Neuzeit, Städteforschung: Reihe A, vol. 83 (Cologne: Böhlau, 2011), 65-79 [publisher information]
  • B. Kümin, ‘La parrocchia "dal basso": strutture comunali e vita religiosa a nord delle Alpi nel tardo medioevo [The Parish from Below: Communal Structures and Religious Life north of the Alps in the Late Middle Ages]‘, in: S. Boscani Leoni and P. Ostinelli (eds), La Chiesa dal "basso". Organizzazioni, interazioni e pratiche nel contesto parrocchiale alpino alla fine del medioevo (Milan: FrancoAngeli, 2012), 17-33 [publisher information]
  • B. Kümin, ‘Wirtshäuser als frühneuzeitliche Kommunikationszentren [Public Houses as Early Modern Communication Hubs]’, in: Lukas Morscher, Martin Scheutz and Walter Schuster (eds), Orte der Stadt im Wandel vom Mittelalter zur Gegenwart: Treffpunkte der Stadt, Verkehr und Fürsorge (Innsbruck: StudienVerlag, 2013), 91-105 [publisher information]
  • B. Kümin and Cornelie Usborne, 'At home and in the workplace: A historical introduction to the spatial turn', in: History & Theory 52 (2013), 305-16 [introduction to a FORUM collection on 'Domestic and Occupational Space in Western Europe from the Middle Ages']
  • B. Kümin, ‘Musik in englischen Kirchgemeinden der Reformationszeit [Music in English parishes during the Age of the Reformation]', in: Michael Fischer, Norbert Haag and Gabriele Haug-Moritz (eds), Musik in neuzeitlichen Konfessionskulturen (16. bis 19. Jahrhundert): Räume - Medien - Funktionen (Ostfildern: Jan Thorbecke, 2014), 15-29 [publisher information]
  • B. Kümin, ‘Oral and written communication in the late medieval English parish’, in: Jan Marco Sawilla and Rudolf Schlögl (eds), Medien der Macht und des Entscheidens: Schrift und Druck im politischen Raum der europäischen Vormoderne, The Formation of Europe 5 (Hannover: Wehrhahn, 2014), 67-81 [publisher information]
  • B. Kümin, 'Kirchgenossen an der Macht. Vormoderne politische Kultur in den "Pfarreirepubliken" von Gersau und Dithmarschen [Parishioners in Power: Premodern political culture in the "parish republics" of Gersau and Dithmarschen]', in: Zeitschrift für historische Forschung 41 (2/2014), 187-230 [abstract]
  • A. Holzem and B. Kümin, 'Einleitung zur ersten Sektion: Sakrale und profane Räume im Spannungsverhältnis [Tensions between sacred and profane spaces]', in: K. Friedrich (ed.), Die Erschließung des Raumes: Konstruktion, Imagination und Darstellung von Räumen im Barockzeitalter, Wolfenbütteler Arbeiten zur Barockforschung 51 (2 vols, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2014), vol. 1, 89-95 [publisher information; pdf flyer] [pre-print version]
  • B. Kümin, 'La paroisse en Angleterre à la fin du Moyen Åge [The parish in England at the Close of the Middle Ages]', in: A. Bonzon, Ph. Guignet and M. Venard (eds), La Paroisse Urbaine: Du Moyen Åge à nos Jours, Histoire Religieuse de la France (Paris: Éditions du Cerf, 2014), 115-25 [book details]
  • B. Kümin, ‘The Uses of Space in Early Modern History – An Afterword’, in: Paul Stock (ed.), The Uses of Space in Early Modern History (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), 227-34 [book details] [pre-print version]
  • B. Kümin, 'Rural autonomy and popular politics in imperial villages', in: German History 33 (2/2015), 194-213 [abstract] [original version]

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