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News Archive

10-12 Sep. 2014: Reformation Studies Colloquium, Cambridge. Joint paper with John Morgan, and Roundtable to mark retirement of Eamon Duffy.

21-23 Aug. 2014: Speaker at annual Team Meeting of Early Modern Conversions Project, Montreal.

6 July 2014: address at annual service of commemoration for St Thomas More, St Dunstan's Church, Canterbury

2-3 June 2014: speaker at workshop on Narrative Conversions, University of York.

10 April 2014: Seminar paper to History Department, NUI, Maynooth.

5 Feb. 2014: publication of German translation of The Reformation:

22 Jan. 2014: Seminar paper to Theology Department, University of Nottingham.

30 Nov. 2013: 'Tea-Time Talk' at Warwick Words Literary Festival.

25 Oct. 2013: Awarded the Sixteenth Century Studies Society's Harold Grimm Prize for best journal article on Reformation history published in 2012 ('The Naming of Protestant England').

29-31 August 2013: Inaugural Meeting of Early Modern Conversions Project, McGill University, Montreal

1 July 2013: Co-Investigator for Early Modern Conversions, a major five-year interdisciplinary project funded by SSHRC of Canada.

15 Feb. 2013: speaker at Symposium in Honour of Patrick Collinson, Trinity College, Cambridge.

1 Jan. 2013: start of appointment as co-editor (reviews) of English Historical Review.

1 Oct. 2012: start of Leverhulme Research Fellowship for 2012-13, to work on new history of the English Reformation.

13 Sep. 2012: Plenary speaker at conference 'Sister Reformations/ Schwesterreformationen', Humboldt University, Berlin

6 Sep. 2012: Plenary speaker at Reformation Studies Colloquium, University of Durham

27-8 August 2012: Conference on Practical Knowledges and Skill in Early Modern England, University of Otago, New Zealand

22 May 2012: The Marjorie Reeves Memorial Lecture, St Anne's College, Oxford

10 May 2012: Plenary Paper at conference of Reformation Research Consortium, University of Oslo

28 March 2012: The St Robert Southwell Lecture, Fordham University, New York.

20 March 2012: The Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture, Peninsula Arts Centre, Plymouth.

5 March 2012: Radio 3 panel discussion on composer William Byrd and Elizabethan Catholicism.