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Week 8 - Ideologies and States I - The Liberal Nation State

It's a fairly straight forward week for us. Thank you to everyone who provided some feedback last week (via post-its!). I'm thinking through what you've said and will come back to you all next week with my thoughts on how we can move forward.

Next week will also be the week we'll sort out the groups and schedules for the group project. Please make sure you attend next week, and have a look at you've had a good look at your calendars for next term so we can choose dates that make sense to everyone.

Please have read at least three of the sources listed on the module timetable for this week and com prepared to discuss your ideas and opinions.

Music By Which to Read

As you've do doubt gleaned, this week is all about the development of nationalism as an important cultural and (geo-)political trend. Some of this was reflected in last week's playlist, but this week looks at European music and how nationalism manifested itself in such compositions. The text version can be found here.