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Week 9 - Ideologies and States II: Extremism

This week sees us spending time on extreme manifestations of political ideology, particularly in the European context. Please read as many of the secondary sources as you can (listed on the module webspace for this week). Additionally, and critically, also work through the primary sources.

Watch the Nazi proganda film, the Triumph of Will (1935), as well.

The Modern Records Centre has a series of documents in its collection that have been identified as being of interest to students in MMW. These are relevant to our current discussion and may well be useful for anyone electing to write essays based on this section of the course or for the group projects. The site can be found here.

Music by Which to Read

This week's music centres on the socialist end of the extremist section, representing both state and individual approaches. There's a mix from around the world and across the 20th and 21st centuries. Think about how popular tunes are often co-opted into new meanings by artists. Also think about the pain, struggle, and protest entwined into this music and how threatening their philosophies could be to established orders or people who had different political opinions. The text version can be found here.