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Centre for Global Jewish Studies

Centre Co-Directors: Professor Stephen Shapiro and Dr Anna Hájková

Centre Co-Ordinator: Keri Husband

Contact us: or @CGJSatWarwick

The CGJS welcomes all academic, research, teaching, and professional services staff and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the University with an interest in the field of Global Jewish Studies.

We seek to establish a unique institutional place within the United Kingdom for the study and dialogue on the diversity of Jewish experience, heritage, and culture. We want to explore and make more publicly available present research on the past, presents, and futures of the Jewish Minority Ethnic (JME) community, which includes but is not limited to religious practice, bringing together academic and professional staff, postgraduates and undergraduates, and the wider public.

In the first phase we will look to develop four main themes:

  • the diversity of global Jewish communities, especially with its varied racial and cultural demographics;
  • the historic invisibility of British Judaism within the United Kingdom;
  • the revival of Yiddish culture; and
  • new research on the Shoah (Holocaust) and its widespread effects