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Maria Tauber

About Me

I am a PhD student at the Department of History, funded by the Wolfson Foundation. My research project entitled ‘The Making of English Politicians - Early Modern MPs and the Transformation of the Media System’ is supervised by Professor Beat Kümin and Professor Mark Knights.

I have completed my BA in History and English at the Universities of Kiel and Aberdeen and a History MA at the University of Constance. I am interested in a variety of topics touching on the structures of Early Modern society and scholarly attempts to understand the functions of their constitutive elements. In my MA thesis I worked on communicational processes in so-called self-accusations within early modern witch-trials. My PhD continues to focus on a communication and media approach while shifting the subject matter to Early Modern English Politicians and the transformation of the media system.

Germany in the Age of Reformation (HI242)

I am currently teaching on the module Germany in the Age of Reformation. My office hours are Thursdays from 1pm- 2pm and will be held via Microsoft Teams. To make a booking please use You can book me and I will send you a Microsoft Teams invitation. If you think you will need more than 15 minutes please book 2 slots.


PhD: My research investigates the impact of media change in early modern English society (c. 1570-1790) by analysing its impact on the political process. It investigates the long-term implications of political agents becoming exposed to the public eye, asking for the MP’s role within a new social and multi-media setting, their reflections, their changing perception of office and the strategies used by them. Did the circulation of new forms of manuscript and print media and the authors’/readers’ influence transform the way in which MPs in England went about their political business? And how long did any such transformation take?

MA thesis: “Self-Accusation”? Communication Processes in a German Witch-trial (1669)

Research Interests

Cultural, Media, and Social History

History of Ideas

Historical anthropology

British History between 1500 and 1800

Academic Profile

2019 - present: PhD student at Warwick University

2019: Research and Teaching Assistant, Chair of Early Modern History (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schlögl), Department of History and Sociology, University of Konstanz

2016 - 2018: Student assistant, Chair of Early Modern History (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schlögl), Department of History and Sociology, University of Konstanz

2015 - 2016: Student assistant, Social Science Archive Konstanz, University of Konstanz

2015 - 2018 University of Konstanz, MA History

2011 - 2015: University of Kiel/ University of Aberdeen, BA History/ English and North American Studies

Scholarships and Awards

2019 - present: Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship

2018: Veuk-Award for the best degree (MA History)


  • «Das Einhorn/ Der Narwal, 1684. Nicht Fisch, nicht Fleisch», in: Kugler, Lena/ Aline Steinbrecher/ Clemens Wischermann (eds), Tiere und Geschichte. Band 2. Literarische und historische Quellen einer Animate History, (Stuttgart, 2017), 137-143.
  • «Denkmal des Pferdes Meteor, 1959. In Stein gemeißelte agency», ibid., 201-205.
  • «Elefantengehege New York, 1931/34. (Re-)Präsentationen», ibid., 121-126.
  • «Staatsarchiv Zürich: Bestialitätsakte, 1682. Sexualität mit Tieren vor Gericht», ibid., 23-28.


  • ‘“For I did not care to be a farmer’s wife” – managing the role of MP’s wife in late 17th century England’, History Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick, 27 May 2021.
  • ‘Mary Clarke’s “Parliament of women” – Representing the MP in the Parish’, Nineteenth Warwick Parish Symposium: Parish, Power & Politics, 8 May 2021.

  • ‘Contested seats, contested messages –challenging and negotiating order through printed election addresses in 1747 Middlesex’, Media and Public (Dis)order - A virtual workshop for early modernists at Dresden & Warwick, 30 March 2021.
  • Warwick History PG Podcast, May-August 2020: Contributor Episode: 'Printed Identities in the Early Modern English Parliament and America's Antebellum South' with Adam Challoner; Hosted Episodes: Sophie Hobbs, Bobby Tam, ‘Communal Commemoration and Emotion’ & Hannah Straw, David Fletcher, ‘Enthusiastical or Fanatical Atheists - The Court Wits and Religious Identity’.

Maria Tauber

Maria Tauber

Office hours: Thursday 1-2pm (MS Teams)