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Twenty-First Warwick Symposium on Parish Research

Parish and Performance

A hybrid day conference on Saturday 13 May 2023

at the Institute of Advanced Studies on the University of Warwick's central campus co-organized by
Beat Kümin (Warwick / My-Parish) & John Craig (Simon Fraser / Records of Early English Drama)
with Daniel Gettings and Maria Tauber (Warwick)


Thames at Richmond

‘The Thames at Richmond, with the Old Royal Palace’
(unknown Flemish school, early 17thC). © The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Keynote Address
'a strange perswasion': English parish performances and the Records of Early English Drama
Peter Greenfield (Professor Emeritus of English, University of Puget Sound, Washington)

Peter Greenfield has edited Gloucestershire and (with Jane Cowling) Hampshire for Records of Early English Drama and is currently part of the team editing the records of Norwich. He has also published on local dramatic activity outside London and on traveling performers. 

Parishes were and are performative spaces. From the staging of plays and games to the conduct of ceremonies, parish culture has always included elements of oral, musical, mimetic and other types of public display. The twenty-first Parish Symposium, co-sponsored by My-Parish and Records of Early English Drama (with its REED Online platform), focuses on the participants, occasions, evolutions and meanings of such activities, showcasing papers from an international set of speakers ranging across a wide geographical and chronological spectrum.

As detailed in the full programme (click on the link in the box below), we are pleased to offer sessions on music / dance, drama and processions alongside contributions consisting / inclusive of elements of performance.

Current Symposium Programme (Word / pdf versions - subject to changes)

The Symposium will take place in and around the Institute of Advanced Study in the University of Warwick on Saturday 13 May 2023 (9.45 am to 6pm). While personal presence is preferred, online participation can also be accommodated (in the latter case, not all programme features may be accessible). Accepted speakers / performers benefit from free registration but all in-person participants will have to bear any travel / accommodation expenses themselves. A small number of bursaries for postgraduates / unwaged participants may be available – please email us separately (via the addresses in the right-hand margin) if you require support to be able to attend in person.

For organizational purposes, ALL participants (including accepted speakers) have to register online in advance via this link. Once you've reached the webpage, please select your appropriate route from the 3 options below, noting that in-person places are limited and that bookings will close at midnight on 25 April:

  • Non-presenting delegates attending in person - click on 'Delegate Booking Form' and select the appropriate registration fee of £15 (for student / unwaged participants) or £25 (all others)
  • Non-presenting delegates participating virtually (except speakers) - click on 'Online Attendance Booking Form', which will be subject to a fee of £5
  • Accepted speakers (including those presenting virtually) & organizers - click on 'Speakers/Helpers Booking Form' (without incurring a fee)

Any updates will be posted on this website -

We look forward to seeing you on 13 May !

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We are grateful for the continued support of Warwick's Humanities Research Centre

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'Morris is a creature of its own' - Guardian article by Rachel Adams, citing Symposium participant Michael Heaney