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Society and Politics in Southern Africa (HI3K7)

Module Convenor: Dr Sacha Hepburn

This 30 CATS final-year Advanced Option module examines the history of southern Africa from the nineteenth century to the present, engaging with a range of approaches in history and the social sciences. The course is structured around four themes which are central to the history and historiography of the region: labour and migration; urbanization and urban life; family, kinship and domestic struggles; and political movements and protest. Structured around these four themes, seminars combine chronological and thematic coverage with analysis of the lives of individual men, women and children. We will examine social life, economic activity, culture and politics using secondary sources and a range of primary sources, including biography, memoir, novels, ethnography, government documents, and the reports of international and non-governmental organisations. Central to our analysis will be consideration of how key social categories and identities, including race, ethnicity, gender and age, have been constructed and challenged over time and how these factors have shaped the lives of southern Africa's people.

The module engages with classic and cutting-edge scholarship in southern African studies and provides students with the skills and opportunity to engage in independent research in the field of African history.

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1956 Women's March, South Africa Mineworkers on the Zambian Copperbelt, c. 2014