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The Spanish Invention of Rights and International Law

Task: Like last week - select an excerpt from the primary sources to present in class

Primary Sources

Bartolome de las Casas, A short account of the destruction of the Indies, edited and translated by Nigel Griffin; with an introduction by Anthony Pagden.

Francisco de Vitoria, On the American Indies, in A. Pagden ed., Political Writings, chapter 6, e book available

Core Reading

Brunstetter, Daniel R., Sepúlveda, Las Casas, and the Other: Exploring the Tension between Moral Universalism and Alterity, The Review of Politics, 7/1/2010, Vol. 72, Issue 3, p. 409-435.

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Pagden, A., The fall of natural man: the American Indian and the origins of comparative ethnology (Cambridge, 1982).

Scott, James, The Spanish origin of international law, Part 1, Francisco de Vitoria and his law of nations, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1934.

Further Reading

Anghie, Anthony, “Francisco de Vitoria and the Colonial Origins of International Law” in Peter Fitzpatrick eds, Laws of the Postcolonial, Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2002, 89-107.

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