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The Eighteenth Century


  • Why were there so many riots and rebellions in 18th century Latin America? Were they a sign that Spain and Portugal were losing control of their colonies?
  • What historical use can historians make of riots and rebellions? How might you use Thompson's ideas to interpret riots in colonial Spanish America?

Required Seminar Readings

Additional Readings

  • Mills, Kenneth and William Taylor, Colonial Spanish America: A Documentary History, SR Books (Wilmington, 1998), Part IV: Bourbon Reforms and American Practices in a Short Eighteenth Century.
  • Stern, Steve, “The Age of Andean Insurrection, 1742-1782: A Reappraisal,” in Steve Stern ed., Resistance, Rebellion and Consciousness in the Andean Peasant World, University of Wisconsin Press (Madison, 1987), pp.29-93.
  • Viqueira Albán, Juan Pedro, Propriety and Permissiveness in Bourbon Mexico, trans. Sonya Lipsett-Rivera and Sergio Rivera Ayala, SR Books (Wilmington, 1999).
  • Thompson, E.P., ‘The Moral Economy of an English Crowd in the Eighteenth Century’, Past & Present, no. 50 (1971).

Optional Primary Source for the Seminar

  • Areche, José Antonio de, “All Must Die,” 1781, in The Peru Reader: History, Culture, Politics, eds. Orin Starn, Carlos Iván Degregori and Robin Kirk, Duke University Press (Durham, 1995), pp. 157-161. (3-day loan at Library)