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Assessment & Contact Hours

Methods of Assessment

First year Warwick students (Visiting Students, please note that your assessment modes might be different):

1,000 word oral presentation (20% weighting)

2,000 word essay (30% weighting), and

3,000 word essay on different topic (50% weighting).

The 1,000 word oral presentation should present your preliminary research, thesis and arguments for the 2,000 word essay due at the start of term 2. You should select a 'discussion/essay' question from one of the weekly topic pages as your starting point.

The second assignment will be an 2,000 word essay building off your presentation from term 1.

The third and final piece of submitted work is a 3,000 word assessed essay. This will take a different question from the essay list, or a title negotiated in advance with the module convenor.

PLEASE NOTE: you should submit an electronic version of all your work, since it will be put through the department's anti-plagiarism software.
A meaningful filename would contain your student number, the module code, assignment name and an indication that it is the final version, for example:
1234567 - HI127 - Essay Title - FINAL.pdf

Full details about assessments can be found on the department Submisson and Assessment webpages (

Word lengths do not include notes or bibliography; penalties will be assessed for over-length essays. Plagiarism and other forms of cheating will also be penalised; guidance on how to cite your sources can be found here: Your seminar tutor and module convenor will also be happy to offer advice if you have any concerns or questions. All of your work must be submitted via the Tabula online system.

Deadlines and Extensions

Most questions about assessment including deadlines are answered on this webpage:

Note that this is a Year One OPTION module, and deadlines are set accordingly.

Please note that extensions for ALL work in this module must be applied for in advance here: and can only be granted by Dr Joachim Haberlen.

Erasmus, Exchange and Visiting Students: Please be aware that your essay deadlines may differ from those of other students. Check the links above carefully: your deadlines are right at the bottom of this page:


You will receive feedback on your short essays online. You can then schedule an in-person meeting with your seminar tutor (who will inform you of the times during which they will be available to see each of you) to discuss your work. We strongly encourage you to make use of this opportunity to received tailored comments and advice on how to strengthen your work and hone your skills. Feedback on your final long essays will be delivered via Tabula, to make sure you can access it easily, even from home. Your tutor will also be available to discuss this final feedback with you in specially arranged office hours after it is released on Tabula (see ‘Contact Hours’ below).

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this first-year option module will be comprised as follows:

Lectures: Eighteen 1-hour lectures, two 2-hour workshops
Seminars: Twenty 1-hour seminars
Tutorials: Four hours, including introductory session, feedback, and long essay preparation
Total: Forty-four hours

So what does all this mean to you?
First -- of course! -- you must attend all lectures, workshops and seminars. As required by the University, seminar attendance will be monitored weekly. If you miss more than two seminars in a single term without presenting valid reason for your absences, your seminar tutor will refer you to the Module Convenor for further action. If you miss more than three seminars in this module without presenting a valid and verifiable reason for your absences, the Module Convenor must refer you to the Departmental Senior Tutor; further action will be required and you may be assigned a penalty essay (

Second, as well as our formal meetings, the module convenor and lecturers are available every week in their office hours (posted on our office doors or bulletin boards). Feel free to come talk to us about the lectures, your essay topics and essays, the module in general, and any questions you might have. The Module Convenor, Elise Smith (H3.08,, should be your first port of call if you have concerns about your progress, module teaching, module resources, or ANY other questions that transcend the contents of individual lectures. In addition, she will arrange additional meeting times to discuss your long essays in terms 2 and 3: do come and talk about your ideas, research plans and questions. Your seminar tutor, will provide individual feedback on all of your short essays, tailored to helping you improve your writing and analysis over the course of the year. She will also be available to discuss the final feedback on your long essays (which you will access initially via Tabula).